I started experimenting with the branch build feature.

The scenario is super simple:

  1. Pull the source (php project)
  2. Run a script file (phplint.sh)
  3. Fail if errors are reported

Now, this seems to work fine when not doing branch builds.

After turning on branch builds, I suddenly started seeing this error:

simple	30-Jul-2019 20:48:48	Starting task 'Check PHP' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.scripttask:task.builder.script'
error	30-Jul-2019 20:48:48	Command [/var/atlassian/application-data/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/WEB-RA0-JOB1/scripts/phplint.sh] is not executable, trying to run anyway.

I have configured the script to run a script file, and not in-line, so I supposed bamboo would take care of setting up the right permissions on the file so that it can run. At least it seems to be the case when just running it on the master branch..

In addition to this, I started worrying a little bit.
The linked repository is configured to use a "dev" branch. So when I make branch builds, is it safe to assume it will actually build the specific branches, and override this "dev" branch setting?

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It appears bitbucket does pull the right branch, regardless of the linked repository's branch.

In addition I made a script to chmod a+x on the script file, and it started working.

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