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Bamboo email customization: how to get the build summary (in a failed build) in email

Rafael Campana July 10, 2012


We just upgraded to Bamboo 4.1.2 and would like to change the email of build failures to include the summary of the build error like when you go to Bamboo's build failure page (like below).

I've started to look at the notification customizations through Freemarker, but there's no documentation (that I can find) of all the Bamboo variables that are available. Could you tell me what those are?



Error Summary for PLANHERE

The job generated some errors, drill down into the full build log for more details.

The build error summary goes here <-- this is what i need in email

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Robin Gauß October 8, 2015

Looking for the exact same thing.

Aasha July 24, 2020

Hi I am facing the same issue here. Can you help me with this.

bmccoy - This is quite urgent can you help us on this.

Aasha July 24, 2020

@bmccoy  - Could you help me to change notification templates in bamboo.

I have changed the coding but i couldnt do this.

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Przemek Bruski
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
July 12, 2012

You have com.atlassian.bamboo.event.BambooErrorEvent object stored accessible via "error". It should give you what you need.

Rafael Campana July 12, 2012

Thanks, and how do I get the list of members of this object?

Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
July 15, 2012

Its not very discoverable but the Javadocs for the Notification classes list the available data:

Plan Level Completed Notfiications:

Job Level Completed Notifiations:

Methods available on the Java objects are available in freemarker via the shortened syntax. e.g. .getPlanKey() -> .planKey

Unfortunately you can not access the error information in the plan level notifications. So You will only be able to do this for Job Notifications e.g:

[#list buildResult.buildErrors as error]

Rafael Campana July 15, 2012

Thanks Brydie. I'll take a look at the links.

Referencing buildResult.buildErrors would give me the full list of errors or the error summary only like what the Bamboo summary page gives you (not the 'log' tab/page though)?


Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
July 15, 2012

That bit of freemarker i grabbed directly from the bamboo summary page :)

So yes, just the errors.

Jeff Montgomery March 19, 2015

Brydie, So are you saying that we cannot include job-level errors in the "All Builds Completed" email or any other build-level email? The build-level emails have a table listing job results. Does this mean I have to add a Job-level notification to the plan, and put your code in there? Do you know what template file and where? Also, what templates files are used? I've tried putting static text in various files and nothing shows up in the emails. We are using HTML plan/build emails. For now I am only interested in adding error detail (the stdErr messages) to the build failed email. Thanks for any help, Jeff

Joel Sather August 25, 2016

I just found this thread trying to add the Error summary from the results web page to the e-mail. This worked for me on 5.13:

Copy notificationCommonsHtml.ftl to BAMBOO_HOME\templates\notification-templates

Look for this line:

[#macro showFailingJobs buildSummary baseUrl]

This is where it displays info about the failed jobs.  I updated this section:

[#if jobResult.failed]
[@displayJobRow jobResult stageResult/]
[#assign failingJob = true /]
[#-- Added to show failed job error summary --]
<td colspan="5"><strong>Error Summary:</strong><br/>
[#list jobResult.extraBuildResultsData.buildErrors as error]

That adds the build summary error message after each failed job.

The API has changed a bit since the original response. The error data is now in ExtraBuildResultsData. Remember to restart Bamboo after you've edited the file.

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Rafael Campana July 12, 2012

Ping, any help here?

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