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Bamboo REST API returning Connection Timeout

Jake Roach
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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January 18, 2023

When attempting to trigger a test plan using the Bamboo REST API, a connection timeout is occurring. The code and corresponding error are shown below.


base_url = ""
execution_response =
base_url + "queue/EDC-NITCS",
auth=(args['<user>'], args['<password>']),
headers={'Accept': 'application/json'}


17-Jan-2023 17:40:32Traceback (most recent call last):
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "scripts/", line 54, in <module>
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    main(docopt(__doc__))
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "scripts/", line 32, in main
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    headers={'Accept': 'application/json'}).json()
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "/home/bamboo/.local/share/virtualenvs/19496961-76316673-E-qKXQIp/lib/python3.6/site-packages/requests/", line 897, in json
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    return complexjson.loads(self.text, **kwargs)
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "/home/bamboo/.local/share/virtualenvs/19496961-76316673-E-qKXQIp/lib/python3.6/site-packages/simplejson/", line 525, in loads
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    return _default_decoder.decode(s)
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "/home/bamboo/.local/share/virtualenvs/19496961-76316673-E-qKXQIp/lib/python3.6/site-packages/simplejson/", line 372, in decode
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    obj, end = self.raw_decode(s)
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32  File "/home/bamboo/.local/share/virtualenvs/19496961-76316673-E-qKXQIp/lib/python3.6/site-packages/simplejson/", line 402, in raw_decode
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32    return self.scan_once(s, idx=_w(s, idx).end())
17-Jan-2023 17:40:32

simplejson.errors.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

My team has done the following:

  • Stopped and started Bamboo.
  • Re-created the issue in a local script (received a timeout).
  • `curl`ed the endpoint (again received a timeout).

What are next steps we can take to resolve this issue?

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Eduardo Alvarenga
Atlassian Team
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January 19, 2023

Hello @Jake Roach

Welcome to Atlassian Community!

Can you connect to the main Bamboo URL via curl? Does that work with an authenticated user as well?

Timing out may be something other than Bamboo such as a Reverse Proxy, a Firewall, etc so you need to make sure that you can reach Bamboo on the specified port and hostname.

I was able to trigger a build using the code inspired by the Bamboo REST API documentation.

Ran this:

# This code sample uses the 'requests' library:
import requests
import json

url = ""

headers = {
"Accept": "application/json",
"Content-Type": "application/json"

response = requests.request(
auth=('admin', 'admin')

print(json.dumps(json.loads(response.text), sort_keys=True, indent=4, separators=(",", ": ")))

Got this:

    "buildNumber": 5,
    "buildResultKey": "ABC-MF1-5",
    "link": {
        "href": "",
        "rel": "self"
    "planKey": "ABC-MF1",
    "triggerReason": "Manual build"


Eduardo Alvarenga
Atlassian Support APAC

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