Exporting draw.io to PDF or PNG changes line orientation of multiline Text

Michael Möllney May 15, 2014

Dear developer or user of Draw.io

I created a diagram with Draw.io which has multi-line text in some general shapes.


Text Line 1


Text Line 22

The multiline text is centered (by default) in each line.

When editing the diagram / when seeing the diagram in Confluence the text is centered.

When "pdf export" or "export" from draw.io is used, the text box inside the shape is still centered, but the text inside the textbox is left aligned.

Text Line 1


Text Line 2

Is there a work around?

Please fix this.

Kind regards,


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There's a fix in 3.2.2 which is just undergoing testing now. Thanks for the report.

Michael Möllney May 15, 2014

Wow, that was quick :-) Any chance to get the new version during my evaluation period?

Sure, if it doesn't finish the testing today, it'll be early next week. You can watch for releases on the marketplace page, when it comes out go into your manage add-ons screen within Confluence and it should offer you an update button.

Michael Möllney May 15, 2014

thanks again for pointing out.

Michael Möllney May 27, 2014

It seems to work with Version 3.2.3.

Thank you.

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Hi Michael. We'll get someone to look into this. Note if you're under maintenance please submit a ticket at https://jgraph.freshdesk.comand you'll get the issue to the front of the queue.

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Michael Möllney May 15, 2014

At the moment I'm in evaluation phase with draw.io vs gliffy ... so no maintenace at the moment.

I'm using "Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.5"

The version of draw.io is the "3.2.1" downloaded today from within market place.

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Which version of draw.io and Confluence?

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