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Unsync Account

AJohnston October 5, 2023

A similar question was asked over a year ago, but I'm hoping for a better answer with a specific instance.

I have users with accounts in 2 domains: 1 that's in our Azure tenant, and 1 that isn't. However, we have those accounts in the tenant as guest accounts. These folks may have an account for each domain in our Atlassian environment. Clean up was done before turning on provisioning, but a small handful of guest accounts were included in the initial provisioning.

What I would like to do is "merge" the External Domain account with the Local Domain account by updating the email address of the External Domain account to the Local Domain, as below:

  • User in External Domain has an Atlassian account and is synced.
  • User in Local Domain is not synced, but also has an Atlassian account that has never been used.
  1. Delete the Local Domain account in Atlassian and wait for full delete.
  2. Change the email for External Domain to be the Local Domain.
  3. Allow Local Domain account to sync through the IdP.

The External Domain is claimed, but because it's not in the Azure tenant, it's not linked to Atlassian in the IdP section.

If I un-claim the account, then re-claim, could that work to allow me to modify the email?

If not, any other options?

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