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Knowledge Base launch advice


Hi again guys,

As I'm working on a Confluence Knowledge Base the final launch is approaching quickly.

I am supposed to present the new platform to my department (40~ people) that currently don't know what I'm working on. 

Does anyone have any advice on how should I approach this? Because they're aged between 21 to 25 and just finished their studies I don't want them to think that this will be another "boring and useless corp platform", I want them to like it because it facilitates their work and helps them save time. Beside useful operational information it will contain, it will also have integrations with Jira, like new Bugs alert, new Stories notifications and Statistics.


P.S. It's my first product launch and I am somehow unsure of how this will go. Also I have never worked on Confluence before. I've been working on this Knowledge Base alone.


Thanks :)



I would consider creating some default structure before you launch otherwise your users will create their own structure which can Best wishes pretty random

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Are you using only plain Confluence or any theme add-on too?

Hi @Julius Zatroch ,

I'm using the plain one.

Hi @Ionut 

If you can, please test some theme addon. There are more on Marketplace, but I can really recommend Linchpin Intranet or cheaper Linchpin Essentials. It will add Navigation menu and change whole Confluence to nice and modern intranet. As you write, you will present Confluence to young people... They are expecting something modern, visually nice and clean.  With Linchpin Intranet you can even add mobile app, news and Microbloging, so people will work with Confluence at own phones too.

If you are interested, write me and we can arrange some demo for you.

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Hi @Julius Zatroch

Thanks, I've took a look at the apps and they seems to be appropriate to what I want to do. Unfortunately I'm not the Sys Admin and I'd like not to create big waves with this, requesting additional apps and/or accesses. I like to treat this as an MVP for the moment.

If this will work, be sure that Linchpin will be the first option to take into consideration.


Thanks a lot for this, stay safe :)


Hi @Ionut 

what I found useful was:

  • integrate people as soon as possible - show them your awesome work and let them help you! Pretty sure they have ideas how it can optimize everything.
  • Do some kind of Kickoff Presentation and show them what they will find and tell them that you are open for yeahs and optimization -> collaboration is all about working together!
  • Find people who love it - make them your spread the word and your ear how everyone thinks about the system
  • Give them the opportunity sharing best practice stories in Blogs - this will inspire others -> maybe you also wanna give them some sort of swag or something (super user t-shirt or something, I mean who isn't into swag?)
  • Show full transparency and give updates about how things are going - people in this age (imho and in my experience) wanna know how things are going what it's all about and especially WHY

For you - have a long breath it's not about two weeks or something it's long term project and not everything will go well all the time! But you can do it! 💪

Hope this might help you - if you wanna know more feel free to ask

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Great reply @Fabienne Gerhard , couldn't say it better, and nothing to add.

We have been working for a large corporation using Confluence as a Knowledge Base and involvement is indeed one of the major keys to make it successful or it will be yet another platform as so well said by @Ionut . 

@Simon Teppett also makes a good point. If there is some content that needs a the support of an information structure it should be established beforehand. We are using an hybrid solution where a well defined structure is in place managed by a few gardeners, and other areas where all users can contribute freely.

Some things that I may add are:

  • If some kind of information structure is in place provide them a visual way to navigate quickly between the different areas
  • provide a feedback area where they can add their reviews, comments and suggestions. If you are using Jira you can integrate it with Confluence and users can provide their feedback in the form of tickets
  • How To space with relevant information
  • if you are using Jira in the background to handle any issues an area where the users can report and view their statuses directly from Confluence can be also a good idea
  • gamification can also be an alternative to stimulate users participation, especially at that age

Hope it helps.



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Thanks @Vitor LC - you also mentioned super useful points! 

Never underestimate gamification - I had sales people in their fiftys who went crazy doing quizzes for pizza 🍕🎮

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We use Confluence a lot for customer info so I use a “create space” plug in that defines a page structure for each new Customer. That way there is a skeleton so people will have an idea where to go and look for the info they need

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@Simon Teppett Super cool, a walk through was always a good thing. Thanks

If your company uses Slack, I recommend that you integrate Obie, which allows your employees to search the knowledge base directly from Slack. We find that our people prefer to live in Slack, and they find it easier to ask questions in Slack that Obie answers from the knowledge base than to go directly to Confluence and search.

PS: I have no financial or other interest in Obie or its developers...

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Hi Jim,

You're right. With Obie it seems that they would have every information they need at their fingertips..


Thanks for this :)

Matt Reiner _K15t_ Marketplace Partner Sep 15, 2020

You could check out and recommend this guide I got to help write all about creating great content in Confluence, best practices, etc.

Also, if you plan to share your knowledge base publically, you might want to check out my team's app Scroll Viewport. Here's ours as an example.

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Consider why you like Confluence

If you're concerned about boring them and you "want them to like Confluence because it facilitates their work and helps them save time," inspire them with why you liked it so much that you took this on all by yourself.

Tell them how much better you think it is compared to "another 'boring and useless corp platform'."  They probably are not used to the older alternative systems that users migrate away from, either.  So you may need to demo the differences.

Or just skip the comparison and show them the cool things you can do in Confluence. Include why you think the features are so great and how they can personally benefit from them, not necessarily how the company can benefit, because they may or may not care.

How do they think?

I don't know much about the way that age range thinks these days other than from someone on our team.  I know she has been taught that there is a right answer, not to do critical thinking.  She probably hasn't been exposed to a lot of "boring and useless corp platforms" before.  I know I wasn't at that age.  

Keep them awake

What they probably have seen is a lot of lectures and orientations.  So make it different, fun, maybe interactive to keep them on their toes and awake.  I like to call on people to make sure they're paying attention. :) I like to get people to give me the name of a page I'm creating in Confluence in a demo; the weirder the better.

If the presentation is virtual and they have permissions to a space, get them to edit the same draft as each other to watch how collaborative editing works.  That usually makes people smile. :)

What's in it for them?

If you're not in that age range, think about and/or research what motivates them or demotivates them.  Ask them.  If you are in that age range, think about what motivates you.


Breathe, relax, be yourself.  Pretend you're selling one person on Confluence instead of 40.  It's especially easy to do if it's a virtual presentation. No biggie.  You got this. ;)

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Very good advice. :)

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@WW You're right at every point. And I guess I have an advantage because of my age, which is 23, so I'm also thinking almost like them.

This helped me to see more connections between me and them.


Thank you for this :)

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Wise words @WW 👍🏻

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@Vitor LC @Fabienne Gerhard @Julius Zatroch @WW @Matt Reiner _K15t_ @Jim Ryan @Simon Teppett @Julius Zatroch 

Thanks a lot for all of this! To be honest... I didn't expect to get so much help and I've just filled my notebook because of you all.


Working alone on this was (and is) quite hard, going through ups and downs. Your advice was the perfect boost that I've needed at the right time. 


Thanks again and stay safe you all :)

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