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Hi! I serve when I can.

efavreau September 11, 2020

Hello Fellow Answerers!

I'm a user, turned power user, in that I can usually get things done a little better/faster/cheaper/smoother than the next person. I was made an admin in the UI, but not on the backend. I serve others to help out whenever I can. I do this for Confluence and JIRA.

Often I try to get users to a simpler solution, than the complex thing they are going for. Other times, I'm helping write a JQL filter for them.

My latest win was to lead a team to replace a weekly PowerPoint report (going to our Senior VP), with a Confluence page made from several cross-functional teams. Version 1 used Page Properties and Version 2 used Table Excerpts.

My secret weapon is a well-crafted query on DuckDuckGo. :)

Thanks for the invite!



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Community Manager
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September 11, 2020

Hey @efavreau ! LOVE hearing that you're a user turned power user. What do you think was the biggest factor in leveling up? 

And WOW - the story of replacing the PowerPoint with a Confluence page is pure gold. Have you considered becoming an Atlassian Author? I would love to hear about the process in a Community Article! 

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efavreau September 11, 2020

Thanks @Bridget!

IMHO, one of the largest factors in leveling up was understanding what macros we had. The edit UI has some conventions that are intuitive and some that aren't, which can cause people to stumble through it. Knowing what macro to use, why, and how, when some come with their own nuances, can take time to understand. If you don't do it often enough, it's frustrating.

Further, I find that the people who start to understand macros, suffer from "if a little is good, and a lot is better". Too many macros can destroy the page load. If users are sitting there for 2 minutes waiting for a page to load - it's probably not worth it. Take a simpler approach.

Jimmy Seddon
Community Leader
Community Leader
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September 11, 2020

Welcome to the group @efavreau!

I'm looking forward to hearing what advice you can offer from your experiences!

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