Upcoming changes to Opsgenie data

We're making small changes to the Opsgenie data models to make the data easier to read and build visualizations with. If you've built custom charts querying Opsgenie data, we recommend reading through these changes to see if you need to update any of your charts.

What's changing

Change #1: The values in the “Status” column of the “Alert” table now match what is shown in Opsgenie. For example, we now show “snoozed” and “acknowledged” as statuses for alerts.

Change #2: We converted the values for the following columns to lowercase:

Table Column

Account settings

Default role


Delivery method

Change #3: We stripped part of the ID from the values in the following columns so you can join them to the “Account ID” column in the “Account” table:

Table Column

Account settings

Atlassian account ID


Acknowledged by account ID

Alert owner account ID

Closed by account ID

Alert responder mapping

Account ID


Notified account ID

Team member

Account ID


When to expect these changes

We’re automatically applying these changes to your Atlassian Data Lake connections. The rollout is ongoing and expected to finish by the end of next week.

Please comment below or contact support if you have any questions or concerns about these changes. Thanks!



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