Atlassian Analytics March Office Hours Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our office hours sessions last week! We enjoy getting to answer your questions, demo new features, and help you unleash the power of Atlassian Analytics.

To recap the topics discussed in both sessions, here are some of the top questions and answers that came up during this round of office hours:

Q: What is the best way to learn and get across Atlassian Analytics? I’m new to Atlassian and there is a lot of information so thought I’d ask the team

A: We have a ton of resources available to help you learn how to use Atlassian Analytics! Here are some of the resources:

  • Atlassian Analytics documentation.

  • The Atlassian Analytics Knowledge Base with articles that build upon the docs by giving step-by-step instructions on how to query certain data, transform the data, customize a chart setting, etc.

  • YouTube videos that can help give a high level overview of how to use Atlassian Analytics.

  • Chart and dashboard templates can help you view your data using Atlassian Analytics until you’re comfortable building your own charts.

  • Finally, we have the product community (you’re here now!) where you can see what questions other users have already asked, keep informed of product updates like newly released features, or ask your own questions.

Q: What SQL dialect do you use?

A: The SQL dialect used depends on the data source you are querying. If you’re querying the Atlassian Data Lake, the SQL syntax used in the queries is SparkSQL. If you’re querying a Postgres database, the SQL syntax is PostgreSQL. If you’re unsure of the SQL syntax you can always google “SQL syntax of [Data source type here]”.

Q: Do you have any Jira Service Management Assets reporting examples?

A: You should check out this Knowledge Base article where we have 3 different example queries that use Assets data. We also have a dashboard template that you can use to start querying your Assets data.

Q: Is Atlassian AI on the roadmap for Atlassian Analytics?

A: Yes! If your organization has enabled Atlassian Intelligence, then you can use natural language to ask Atlassian Intelligence to create a SQL query for you. You’ll need to switch to SQL mode, select the Atlassian Intelligence logo :atlassian-intelligence:, and begin typing your desired query in natural language.

Native language SQL 1.png

After you’re satisfied with the wording of your question, click Go or hit return/enter on your keyboard. Atlassian Intelligence will then generate a SQL query for you.

Native language SQL 2.png

Based on how well the generated SQL matches your question, you can use the thumbs up or thumbs down button to help us improve our model.

Q: When will Analytics charts be available to show in a Jira Dashboard?

A: We don’t have plans to make the charts that you create in Atlassian analytics available in Jira Dashboards. But we are looking at how we can enhance Jira dashboards within products to be a more valuable reporting tool. Atlassian Analytics charts and dashboards will remain available within Atlassian Analytics or embedded via Smart Links in the Atlassian Editor.

Q: Is Jira Product Discovery data available in the Data Lake?

A: Jira Product Discovery (JPD) data is available in the Atlassian Data Lake! If you’ve included a JPD project in your Atlassian Data Lake connection, you’ll be able to find the data in the tables within the Jira family of products section. If you haven’t included your JPD project in your Data Lake connection, an organization admin will need to edit the connection to include the project.

Q: What is the data freshness of the data in the Atlassian Data Lake?

A: Most tables within the Atlassian Data Lake receive new data within 30 minutes of the data being created/updated/etc. in the source Atlassian product, like Jira Software or Jira Service Management.

The jira_issue, jira_issue_cycle_timejira_issue_fieldjira_issue_status_history, and jira_project tables have a longer refresh period of 3-6 hours. Data within those 5 tables will be available 3-6 hours after the data was created/updated/etc. in the Atlassian product (i.e. Jira Software)

You can read more about the data freshness of the Atlassian Data Lake here.

Q: Is Atlas data available in the Data Lake?

A: Atlas product data is not currently available in the Atlassian Data Lake. Our team is working on gathering interest to have Atlas product data available in the Data Lake in the future, and we have an existing feature request to have Atlas data added which you can follow along for future updates here.

We hope to see you at our next session on April 10 AMER/ April 11 APAC! As always, don’t hesitate to contact support for any assistance outside of office hours.



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