Atlassian Analytics August Office Hours Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined the Atlassian Analytics support and product team for our office hours last week! We were excited to directly engage with you all and hear what use cases, questions, and requests you had while using Atlassian Analytics and Atlassian Data Lake.

To recap the topics discussed in both sessions, here are some of the top questions and answers that came up:


Q: Given Atlassian Analytics is a much more flexible reporting tool compared to Jira dashboards, why would a team choose to use Jira dashboards for reporting over Atlassian Analytics?

A: We see the two tools serving very different use cases.

Atlassian Analytics is for our Cloud Enterprise customers and gives a powerful view of cross-product, cross-site data you have sitting across Atlassian products. Atlassian Analytics is the only place you can access cross-site cross-product data for your organisation. We see technical director and executive level stakeholders using these dashboards to understand how work is being done across initiatives and teams of teams.

Jira Dashboards on the other hand are accessible in Jira (contextually), limited to only 33 Atlassian provided visualisations and help users find, understand and navigate to the work to be done in Jira. We often see team leads and individual contributors build Dashboards to help them understand the work to be done and its distribution across a project.

Q: Are there plans to make Atlassian Analytics available for purchase for Premium customers?

A: At this stage, there are no plans to allow customers to purchase Atlassian Analytics separately. It will remain a Cloud Enterprise feature. That being said, we are looking to bring some of the features and power of Atlassian Analytics into our other products. We are planning on upgrading some of the data experiences that are embedded across the Atlassian suite and will share specifics once we have more concrete timelines.

Q: With Atlassian Analytics, are we able to see more of the underlying metadata such as reporting on history or changes within a Jira ticket?

A: You can access a Jira issue’s history by querying the “Issue History” table. This table tracks changes to an issue over time and serves as a historical record of actions and changes made to a ticket. We also have the Jira “Issue Status History” table available which tracks changes in issue status over time. This table includes the initial status of issue creation and records each issue status transition.

Q: Are we able to come up with new measures fields in the Data Lake schema by using a formula that can be used in charts and tables?

A: Yes, you can customize the Atlassian Data Lake schema or your own 3rd party data source schema by adding a custom column or custom table to the schema. A custom column is created with SQL code based on existing columns within the specific table that the column is added to. A custom table can be created with a SQL query that can use columns from multiple tables in the schema.

Q: Can Atlassian Analytics dashboards be exported to PDF?

A: Yes, you can download your dashboard in PDF or CSV format from the dashboard sidebar. You may also set up dashboard subscriptions to email a PDF of a dashboard to you and your team on a scheduled interval.

Q: How are Atlassian Analytics dashboard permissions handled?

A: Dashboard permissions can be granted on an individual user or group level, but note that they also need access to the Atlassian Analytics product to be able to be granted dashboard access. There are three permission levels for dashboards: can view, can edit, and can manage. Users with edit or manage will also need data source permissions in order to edit charts using those data sources.

Q: Is Atlassian AI something that can be previewed within Atlassian Analytics right now?

A: Atlassian AI in Atlassian Analytics is being piloted internally to see how we can leverage it and find the best use case for it. We hope to have it in a shape and form that can be rolled out to customers and will share details once we have more concrete timelines.

Q: What training material is available around Atlassian Analytics?

A: We have official product documentation and knowledge base articles as resources for you to learn Atlassian Analytics. Additionally, we have a number of product demos available on Youtube. If you are looking for specific guidance or are interested in personalized training for your team, feel free to reach out by contacting support.


If you missed it, we hope to see you at next month’s office hours on September 13 EMEA/AMER, September 14 APAC. Look out for a signup link soon in a future post here in Community.



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