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How can I change email setted in my atlassian ID ?

The email registered on my atlassian id is going to be unavailable is
So I want to change my email address, but I can't find user interface for changing email.
How Can I change email address.
If possible, I hope set email address not

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Hi everyone, you can now update your Atlassian account (formerly 'Atlassian ID') email address via smile

"changing your current email is not allowed", why?

I also come to this issue. Have you solved it?

Likewise! Is there a fix on the way or is this a design choice?

Nope, you've been able to change your email address since May 2016.

Unless it's a google account, which prevents Atlassian change it.

Ah right - so I can only assume it was a design choice to have google accounts permanently associated .. do you happen to know if there is a particular reason for this google account exception?

I'm told it's because of a limitation in google accounts - if you change the email address, they don't think the atlassian account is the same one any more, so the connection is lost.

Makes sense - Atlassian wouldn't be inconsistent for an internal reason.  So, to confirm, any other non Google email service as a primary is changeable - e.g. Outlook?

Outlook is a client, not a mail provider, but yes, non-Google accounts are all now changeable (Like most on this thread, I was surprised and annoyed that it took 3 years to do something that should have been available on day 1)

Yes - very frustrating. Luckily we caught it early on in the piece.  Thanks for info Nic!

Is it still not possible to change the email address for an account associated with a Google account?  What are we supposed to do when the email address changes, but the person remains the same?  Is there any way to migrate data (issues, comments, etc) from one user to a new user?

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 13, 2017

Hi all: 2017 update, you can still change your email address using this link:

EXCEPT if your account is managed by Google. In that case, it cannot be updated/changed.

Wow. A system in which you cannot change your email address.

23 votes
Séb P. Rising Star Jan 06, 2015

Really??.... WTF? Are you kidding???

If I'd delivered a product to my customers where you can NOT change a user's email address, they'd definitely break my bones into pieces...

Sorry Atlassian, this is a BIG fail

Unreal. Can't change an email address associated to an account in 2014.

Absurd that there is no capability to change the email address.  How primitive. 

I am suprised as well. In 2015 Atlassian still hasn't added this capability.

I would like the ability to change my email address.

This is simply... astonishing. Sad, sad and astonishing.


This is just ridiculous...


I have created a feature request on this. I believe this should be possible for our clients and if you feel the same Vote for this feature request to go through.

Also voting that this is unacceptable to not be able to change your email address.

Incredibly annoying. WHY?

Just wow!

I would like to change my email address.

3 votes
Raju KC Rising Star Jun 03, 2013

This is not possible.

3 votes
AlaA Rising Star Jun 03, 2013

Hello Bassio,

As mentioned in the FAQ below:

I'm afraid it's not possible to change the email associated with your atlassian ID. However, you can move your licenses from one Atlassian account to another as per the steps mentioned here:

Additionally, you may want to contact Atlassian's sales team to assist you further on this case.

Please update my email address OR move my licences for me. This is ridiculous.

Yea, your support link just sent me to an eye squinting chart that makes my head spin. I need to change my email address, so either help with that, or get me to someone in support and do this. Unreal that you cannot do this...

I have just started to evaluate the Atlassian products for my own software development, with great hopes, but I have hit this issue straight away. It does not give me much confidence in the software or the company, when such a simple, common and fundamental requirement (just being able to change your own email address) has not been properly anticipated and accommodated. I'm very disappointed. Furthermore, this has apparently been tolerated by Atlassian (surely software development experts) for over 2 years. I can't imagine a good reason... It looks bad. I hope Atlassian can provide a satisfactory explanation, or fix this soon.

Please tell me this option has been implemented since 2013!

Eric S Atlassian Team May 10, 2016

Hi everyone, you can now update your Atlassian account (formerly Atlassian ID) email address via


Still seems this is not possible, along with a bunch of other issues with Atlassian tool integration. While at surface level they appear to be well integrated this doesn't seem to go much beyond a marketing exercise. Once you did a little deeper the disconnect between JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket becomes glaring.

This is still not working, unbelievable. You cannot change your Atlassian email to a gmail email account.

Or if your company email is based on gmail/googlemail.

Like wombat_attack likes this

I signed up for bitbucket and hipchat - then realized what I wanted was ondemand. So I deleted both accounts, but the OnDemand signup still was telling me I had a bitbucket account - which I didn't - I tried the "forgot password" form and it said 'no such account.' So I figured - I'll just use something temporary at a catch-all domain. I didn't realize I'd be locked into that. If I have to go and delete everything and build it again - that's gonna suck - and make me just want to do the 'delete everything' step and just forget the 'build it again' step :-(



How often I change the email in Jira?

This is just unreal. It's 2019 and you can't get invoicing email to another address except the admin one? You do realize your customers are companies with accounting etc.?


This just pisses me off

That's completely wrong - see the "billing contact" on the licence page.

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There is no "billing contact" on the license page. Note that we have multiple licenses like Jira and bitbucket. (


There is "Billing Details" but that's just the company address page, there's no field for email.

Ok now I feel stupid, because there are multiple products, they are folded in and for each there is a submenu where there are the fields you're talking about..


Thanks for your help.

any progress?

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