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xApps by Decadis @ Codegeist 2021 - Engaging in content management and compliant time tracking

Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

This year's Codegeist hackathon was a fantastic opportunity for our team at Decadis. Honestly, it's been a while since we've participated in the event, and this year, we wanted to take on the challenge and start tackling some improvements to the products that we would like to see ourselves very much. 😁  And additionally, we wanted to gather experience with Atlassian's app development platform called Forge.

After some internal discussion, we decided to focus on two topics:

  1. Provide a solution to ensure your users' timesheets in Jira comply with laws, regulations, or company policies and eliminate the need for manually reviewing them.
  2. Speed up and simplify content management in Confluence for all users by creating a centralized location to browse all content and bundle and extend the available content operations.


Are the two topics important to you as well? The (happy) end of the story is that we successfully submitted two apps, and now they are waiting for your feedback and waiting to be tried out. And here they are! πŸ₯


Timesheet Check for Jira


Timesheet Check is tightly integrated with Tempo Timesheets. It helps you easily set up basic checks (we call them rules) to comply with legal requirements or any internal company policy. These rules can represent all possible regulations/policies like:

  • the max. length of a working day
  • daily rest periods
  • no one has recorded time on a rest day/holiday
  • or simply that entries in Tempo don't overlap

And there are so many more. And since we work in a highly regulated region of the world ourselves (aka European Union 😁 ), we have to be careful to comply with all regulations.

Bundled in reports, you can then run these validations for users, groups, and Tempo teams to get instant results. It's an effortless way to make sure to comply with legal requirements and prevent data inaccuracies in timesheets. πŸŽ‰

You can read the whole story about our inspiration, how we built it, and the challenges we ran into on the Codegeist submission page. You are welcome to leave us a comment on the page!

If you want to jump-start your game quickly, head to the marketplace and start your free trial.


Space Tools Pro for Confluence


Space Tools Pro is your helper for content management tasks and extends Confluence Cloud with the space navigator as a central gateway and consolidated home for all content and spaces. It bundles and extends Confluence's content operations so you can speed up tedious everyday tasks and even perform some content magic that is simply not available out of the box. 🀩

  • Browse through spaces and managecreateeditcopy and delete content from one central place for maximum efficiency and ease of use
  • Move selected pages and whole page trees using drag & drop - even across spaces!
  • Create and copy spaces on the fly and decide what information to include - attachments, permissions, labels, and more.

The whole story about our inspiration, how we built it, and the challenges we ran into is available on the Codegeist submission page.

And don't forget to leave us a comment or a like on the page. 😁  And Space Tools Pro is also available for trying out on the Atlassian marketplace


That wraps up my short presentation of our two new apps and Codegeist submissions. Thank you for reading! What do you think of them?

Best, Max



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