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Why is a meeting management tool even necessary nowadays? 🤔

I recently got an interesting question from a friend of mine: "Why is a meeting management tool, particularly Meetical, even necessary nowadays?"

Well, it’s all about being trendy I answered. 😆

Jokes aside, there are obviously many rational and more compelling reasons too.

Allow me to share with you the 3 incontestable reasons why you need a meeting management tool.

Reason 1: Undocumented Meetings are Useless Meetings

Meetings aim to share ideas, communicate progress, collaborate on projects, keep accountability, and make group decisions. But none of that is even remotely helpful if nobody can recall anything from past meetings.

This can be solved by simple note-taking. However, it's not easy to habituate note-taking during meetings when it is such a chore to prepare note-taking documents.

That's why a simple tool like Meetical can have such a massive impact on teams. When meeting notes are easily prepared, team members are more inclined to take notes more frequently, which improves team accountability, transparency, and synergy.

Chrome Create Page.png

With Meetical, you can prepare meeting notes with just a few clicks on your calendar - work with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar


Reason 2: All Meetings Are Not Made Equal

Did you know that 24 billion hours are wasted each year as a result of unproductive meetings? No wonder more than 37% of employees consider unproductive meetings to be the highest cost to their organization! [Flynn 2022, 1]

And that's not all. Employees find that 71% of the meetings they attend are unproductive.

That's a huge problem that most companies still face to this day! What could have been a simple asynchronous meeting ends up being a 2-hour meeting that wastes everybody's time!

And that's exactly what Meetical aims to promote. With Meetical, asynchronous meetings on a collaborative Confluence document become standard procedure and helps determine whether an in-person meeting is necessary.

Personally, I like to see the term asynchronous meetings more like this:

An async meeting is a collaboratively prepared meeting, where most of the work is being done asynchronously, with a short, energizing in-person touchpoint to bring in the human element and share a cup of coffee.

As the term “asynchronous meetings” suggests, after all, it’s both asynchronous work, and a meeting! How do you like this definition? 

A meeting management tool can help you find the right balance between asynchronous work and live meeting time!

Async Status Meetings.png

Meetical makes it easy to hold asynchronous meetings using Confluence

Meetical can help you check off meeting attendees as they arrive and generate a table with all participants mentioned to give input. Read more in our docs.

Async meetings can still help avoid unnecessary meetings that rob the focus of hardworking staff members from their current work. If during async preparation all points could be checked and cleared, there’s no need to do a live check-in. Apart from coffee. 


Reason 3: Unprepared Meetings Waste Valuable Company Time

How many times have you attended a meeting where the meeting host doesn't have an agenda planned?

It happens more often than you think.

During these meetings, participants have to come up with discussion points on the fly, which sometimes causes them to skip over crucial topics that don't get brought up at all. 

This leads to them having to schedule another meeting to cover that topic.

This problem can easily be avoided if staff members just spent some time preparing an agenda before the start of each meeting. 

Meetical gives everyone a direct link to the Agenda, allowing everyone to use the 5 minutes in a productive way, without wondering what the meeting will be about.

Chrome View Page.png

Make it easy for everyone on your team to find meeting agendas and meeting notes, with Meetical.

I could list ten more reasons why your team needs Meetical. I'm always happy to jump on a call with interesting people like you and discuss these topics. Use my Calendly link or let me know when you have time if you want to connect. 

But the only way to truly understand the tool's benefits is to try it yourself.

So go into your calendar and create your first meeting note page today!

Let's eliminate unproductive meetings at your organization forever!


Lukas Gotter

Founder & CEO of Meetical Software

P.S.: Make sure you check out our Meetical for Confluence App 🚀

[1] Jack Flynn. "28 Incredible Meeting Statistics [2022]: Virtual, Zoom, In-Person Meetings And Productivity" Sep. 21, 2022,



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