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What's New in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC? πŸš€

Hey there! We, as the AssetIT team, are excited to announce the release of AssetIT version 1.4.5-AC. 🀩

In this release, new features and improvements will surely make your Jira asset management experience smoother than ever. Let's dive in!

πŸš€ New Features in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC

Guess how many new features we've launched this time? Four! After many days (and nights) of diligent work and in-depth research, we're excited to unveil four major new functions in AssetIT. Each of these updates was inspired by your invaluable feedback and suggestions. Therefore, thank you, Jira admins and users, for your dedication and passion for improving AssetIT. Ready to dive into what's new?

1. Book Assets Directly Through Jira Issues

No more toggling between applications just to reserve an asset! By enabling direct booking within Jira, this feature saves you clicks and reduces the time spent managing asset logistics. Integrated directly into your workflow, it ensures that asset allocation is as streamlined as your project management. As a result, your workflow maintains continuity and efficiency.

Book Assets Directly Through Jira Issues

2. Implement Custody Verification

Need help with who last had the projector? Our Custody Verification cuts through the confusion, clearly defining responsibility for each asset. This feature facilitates better tracking and reduces the risks associated with asset mismanagement. It's about making accountability a clear part of the process, so every item is tracked and accounted forβ€”no more guesswork!

Custody Verification Custody Verification

button to send out the request for verification Button to send out the request for verification

3. Support for Data Migration from SnipeIT

Transitioning between systems can often be a daunting task filled with potential data losses or discrepancies. Our new Data Migration tool acts like a bridge, making your move to AssetIT as smooth as a well-oiled conveyor belt. With comprehensive guides and a user-friendly interface, your asset data will be transferred securely and efficiently, ensuring you're set up for success from day one.

support for Data migration from SnipeIT

4. Multiple Auto-incrementing Asset Tags

This feature is a game changer for organizations with a large and diverse asset inventory. By allowing multiple auto-incrementing tags, AssetIT 1.4.5-AC lets you categorize and track assets based on different departments, locations, or types. This means better organization and quicker retrieval, streamlining the asset management process across various sectors of your company.

The feature to create multiple asset tags is now available

✨ Improvements in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC

Inventory-based Booking Permission

This refined permission setting ensures that only authorized personnel can access specific inventories. It's like giving a key only to those who need it, which not only enhances security but also ensures that assets are properly utilized and maintained under the watchful eyes of designated users.

AssetIT v1.4.5-ac - Users added to a particular scheme can now only book resources from the chosen inventory. Users added to a particular scheme can now only book resources from the chosen inventory

"View Assigned Only" Permission

In larger organizations, limiting visibility to only assigned assets can drastically reduce clutter and focus responsibility. This targeted access prevents overwhelming users with unnecessary information, making asset management more manageable and personalized.

View Assigned Only 3.jpg

Displaying Assets Linked to Issues in Jira Gadgets

With assets now visible directly on your Jira dashboard, the link between issues and required resources becomes crystal clear. This visibility enhances planning accuracy and provides a real-time view of asset availability and engagement, essential for dynamic project environments.

Read more about AssetIT Gadget in Jira Dashboard: AssetIT Cloud New Version Release 1.2.7-AC

AssetIT 1.4.5-AC - Linked issues display in Jira gadget

Jira dashboard

Boosted Import Capabilities in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC

The improved import process ensures that even as assets come pouring in, each is tagged and categorized correctly without manual intervention. This auto-magic setup not only saves time but also enhances the integrity of your asset database from the get-go.

generate missing data

Empowered Custom Fields

Flexibility in asset tagging and categorization is crucial for tailoring the system to your organization's unique needs. With enhanced custom fields, you can define and capture the exact data points that matter most, from technical specifications to usage guidelines, making your asset management system as knowledgeable as it is comprehensive.

New regex type in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC New regex type in AssetIT 1.4.5-AC

multi selection for user picker field Multi selection for user picker field

Ready to Try AssetIT 1.4.5-AC?

Jump into a seamless asset management experience with AssetIT 1.4.5-AC and watch as it transforms the complexities of asset management into streamlined successes. Try AssetIT right away and consult the User Guide or contact our Support Desk for personalized assistance. Let's make asset management a breeze together! πŸš€



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