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What is Email Task Management?

Searching for an improved method to handle tasks within your email? SaaSJet presents robust solutions for email task management, enabling your team to conveniently monitor, handle, and collaborate on email tasks directly within their Gmail platform.

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For a team manager, a typical workday often starts with logging into your inbox, tending to emails, and outlining a roster of tasks for the day. Subsequently, you allot responsibilities and assignments through a task management tool, which can consume anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours of your day.

The back-and-forth switch between email and Jira can prove time-consuming and exasperating. Yet, imagine if a more straightforward approach existed to tackling emails and tasks. 

Email task management solution Email&Tasks: Jira Cloud for Gmail has the potential to elevate your inbox experience, enabling your team to collaborate seamlessly.

Are emails dead?

What's the point of utilizing email inboxes? Don't get us wrong, email isn't dead, if only because full-time employees spend up to 2.5 hours per day working with email.

But with the development of various platforms for setting and tracking tasks, the need to control and manage emails has been forgotten.

Most users' email inbox looks like an attic full of junk. There is a lot of stuff, but there is also useful stuff.

Very often, due to inept email management, we miss important things. So let's take a closer look at Email Task Management and learn how to implement it in your workflows.

Must-have features for an Email Task Management app for Jira 

  1. Integration of Jira and email

Well, this is the most important feature. Because without integration, you are doomed to run between your email and Jira. 

The integration provides the ability to process emails efficiently and turn them into Jira issues.

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  1. Creating and assigning tasks

The ability to create tasks is pivotal, as it empowers you to strategize and dispatch tasks to your project team seamlessly via email. These tasks encompass due dates, task descriptions, and attached files.

Efficient task delegation additionally aids in capacity planning, enabling you to optimize the resources at your disposal to the fullest extent.

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  1. Managing Tasks and Teams

Sending out tasks is just the beginning; effective team management is a different challenge.

Your project management software must encompass team management capabilities to guarantee each team member is allocated daily tasks.

In the event of task delays, your task management system should possess the capability to rearrange tasks that depend on the delayed one automatically. Furthermore, an integrated calendar, time projection features, and tools for monitoring task progress should be readily available.


There are three main signs of a good tula. You can go into more detail and write even more, but what's the point?

The main thing is to explain that email management is important but neglected. In the article, we told you how to organize your workspace in your email inbox.

Okay, now let's move on to a review of the tool that will help you transform your emails into tasks and more. 

Why you need Email&Tasks: Jira Cloud for Gmail app 

Email&Tasks: Jira Cloud for Gmail, an all-in-one solution that includes a Gmail add-on, Chrome, and Edge browser extensions.

Here's how implementing this app into your task management process can help you: 

  1. Converting an email to a Jira task. 

πŸ“¬ You can use the Try 1-click task (AI-based) feature, and artificial intelligence will generate a task for you using the content of the email.

πŸ“¬ Or you can create a Jira issue manually.

AM 1.png

  1. Create a meeting in Google Calendar and a Jira task related to this meeting.

πŸ—“οΈ If you have emails for which you need to create both an event in the Calendar and a task, you can do it all directly from your email account using Email&Tasks

  1. Manage tasks from your Gmail account.

πŸ‘€ Edit and comment issues, log your time without going to Jira. 

  1. Your Task Management processes are also available in Chrome and Edge browsers.

πŸ’» Easily manage and monitor tasks with informative grids in browser extensions.



Elevate your inbox to an adept task management solution with Email&Tasks: Jira Cloud for Gmail. Witness the metamorphosis of your inbox into a streamlined task management instrument, freeing you from the clutches of ceaseless, frustrating email threads. After all, time is precious, and there's no need to squander it on unending emails.

Seize the power of Email&Tasks today!




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