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What if I told you that you would gain time during the day? 😎

Hello there! 👋

Have you ever wondered how to work more efficiently in Jira? One of the solutions is using tools that speed up and automate processes. 

If you haven't yet heard of Issue Templates for Jira, this is a good opportunity, as we have released a demo showing the configuration and functioning of the app.
It is worth trying, especially if you create a lot of issues on a daily basis.

Probably most of you complain about wasting your time copying the whole structures - epics with stories or subtasks. We totally agree that it is frustrating, tedious, and no wonder mistakes are often made. But do you know that with a little help of tools such as Issue Templates you can do this with a single click? 😎

What would you use the time saved during the day for? Let's talk!

If you want to find out more about Issue Templates for Jira, click here!


Oliwia from Deviniti
Junior Product Marketing Specialist

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Rick Westbrock November 21, 2022

It would be very helpful if posts like this mentioned the fact that a paid app is required. I don't like getting excited about what I think is a feasible solution for us only to find out that the app is not free. I suppose I just need to train myself to assume that everything posted under Apps & Integrations is going to be a paid app.

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