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What gets measured gets improved

How do you fix something when you don’t know it's broken?

When researchers study the effects of a given intervention, simply asking participants to track a specific outcome makes them more likely to improve. For example, people who are assigned to wear a pedometer, walk at least one extra mile per day on average and improve their overall activity levels by 27%.

“What gets measured gets improved” is a quote from Robin Sharma. Or Peter Drucker. The internet isn’t quite sure. Regardless, this quote lays out a simple truth we can use to easily boost our productivity. What we measure, we improve.


Measuring customer satisfaction has long been recognised as key to business success. Yet current methods of collecting feedback do not measure the whole CSAT story. Unfortunately, a bi-product of the modern age is that negative information tends to travel faster and further than positive information - resulting in negative bias skew.

The tendency of unsatisfied customers to express themselves while satisfied customers remain silent can be countered utilising AI natural language analysis. Rather than gather feedback from a minority utilising post-incident surveys, all agent and customer interactions can be analysed by AI to unlock hidden value in existing data and monitor CSAT for all customers.

AI Insights for Jira Service Management is a next-gen, customer satisfaction monitoring app that introduces a productive approach to the problems of feedback engagement and negative bias skew.


The app achieves this by analysing Jira Service Management conversations between agents and customers. Utilising the abilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to detect the emotional tone of conversations and map these sentiments to issues in real-time.

Service management teams then have a complete picture of the CSAT story. Enabling them to measure and improve.

AI Insights is available on the Atlassian Marketplace - Take your customer support to the next level and automate your CSAT workflow. Try the app for free, get in touch with us for a demo and make sure to watch this channel to hear more about how AI transforms the way we work together.



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