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Use Case: Simplifying Wiki Navigation with a Customizable Top- Level Menu

This article is extracted from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Atlassian App Galaxy, a free e-book that features real-world use cases for 25 of the coolest apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. Download your copy today to learn how businesses just like yours are using popular Marketplace apps to extend innovation and collaboration in their organizations.

“One size fits all” works great for socks and space helmets. But wiki navigation? Not exactly. No two companies are alike, and neither are their Confluence instances. One of the simplest things businesses can do to improve productivity and the user experience is to provide a custom, easy-to-use top-level menu built to help their teams find the content they need to do their jobs.

A leading microprocessor IP company recently adopted Confluence to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst its teams. Although excited about the promise of Confluence, their teams were not satisfied with the out-of-the-box navigation experience. The team found it difficult to locate the information and resources they needed using navigation by space directories and categories alone.

The technical service group was challenged to provide a top-level menu that would improve navigation and the overall user experience in the newly introduced Confluence instance. After investigating solutions, the team selected the Subspace Navigation for Confluence app from Communardo. This app gives administrators a simple, yet effective way to quickly arrange wiki content – spaces, pages, folders and more – into a centralized navigation menu. It offers drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing administrators to quickly arrange navigation elements into any order, and add or delete them with a simple mouse click.


With Subspace Navigation, it just takes a few mouse clicks to arrange spaces, pages, blog posts, external links, folders, and CQL queries into a single central navigation menu.

Subspace Navigation also includes powerful personalization options: Personal dashboards displaying recent page interactions, favorites and other relevant content can be created using simple CQL queries, making it easier than ever for users to find the content they need. 

Using Subspace Navigation, the technical service group was easily able to create a central navigation menu that gives Confluence users quick and easy access to relevant spaces, groups and subgroups. Additionally, they now have the ability to provide space admins with permissions to organize parent and child pages in their own spaces, thereby increasing the usability of pages that fall underneath the new central navigation structure. Lastly, the team was able to take advantage of the personalization options in the app to include favorites and last-visited pages in the central navigation menu.

Subspace Navigation has improved usability and adoption of the new Confluence instance at the company. Now, users can turn to Confluence as their first source of information. And even for new colleagues, the intuitive navigation allows them to find their way through the wiki and get up to speed quickly, which is an important benefit at an innovation-driven company.


This is just one of many use cases featured in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Atlassian App Galaxy. Download the full guide to see them all.




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