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🔙 Travel back in time with Issue History for Jira

Where and when would you go if you could return to any place and time in history? It seems a tricky question, but what is impossible in the real world can be possible in Jira. Every activity performed by your team in any Jira project is saved. Are you ready for time travel? Let’s see how it happens and what you need to turn history into better results in the future.

Main character: you - Jira user 🧑‍💻

Time Machine: Issue History for Jira 

Place: Jira Cloud

Now, it’s time for action 🚀

👣 What happened last week/month/year?

Imagine you are in a Time Machine. The first thing you would like to do is probably choose the time when you would like to go back. The second would be a place. Actually, you can do it. Choose any date or date range, and you will enter the past. You will see all events one by one in chronological order. Our Time Machine can answer the questions: What happened, where and when?

When you are inside a time machine for Jira, you have such abilities:

  1. Choose the project or other option where you want to come back in time.
  2. Select the day or date range (presets or custom one).
  3. Set which event you want to see.

*If you want to see past events for another person, select that user in the “Updated by” menu.


That’s how you can travel back in time in Jira 🔙

However, there are some other tricks you can do with our Time Machine

♻️ How to roll back the changes you made?

Have you ever wanted to undo something you made in the past? This wish can also come true with Issue History for Jira. It can be really precious if you don’t want to lose valuable data or save time redoing something you’ve done before.

Restore deleted Jira issues

When you delete a Jira task, it is completely erased. You can see neither what issue was deleted nor restore it. And here, in the Time Machine, there is a special button to track every task that was deleted. It starts working after you turn it on.

The next ability is deleted issues reanimation. Yeap, you can restore any task you or other team members have deleted.

restore deleted issues jira.gif

Revert the changed description

Jira task’s description provides you the most essential information on your assignment, so you know what you are expected to do and what the outcome should be. When you or some team member erase or modify the part of description, you can see it in the history, but there is no way to revert those changes. Copy-pasting will not help much in this case much as the initial formatting isn’t saved. 

However, when you are in Time Machine, you can roll back the changes you’ve made. 


It sounds like magic, but that’s all possible with Issue History for Jira.

🎮 Test the Time Machine and get your time travel license

Have you imagined all those steps described above? If you are ready to become a time traveler, test all the possibilities you gain with the Time Machine 🔙 or Issue History for Jira. The best thing is you can try it free for 30 days and decide whether you want to continue the travel. If you need any help while start working, contact our support team or schedule a demo so our qualified time travel instructors walk you through all the essential steps.

Start your free 30-day travel




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