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Tracking and Reporting Jira Project Cost for Consulting Companies

Consulting companies operate in a dynamic and competitive business environment where effective cost management is essential for profitability and successful project delivery. In this context, tracking and reporting project costs accurately and efficiently becomes paramount.

Managing project costs in a consulting setting involves a multitude of factors, including labor expenses, materials, travel, software licenses, and more. Without a comprehensive system in place, it can be challenging to keep track of these expenses, allocate costs to specific projects or tasks, and generate accurate reports that highlight cost breakdowns and variances.

This is where add-on like Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud comes in as a powerful tool that enables consulting companies to centralize their cost tracking efforts and enhance their ability to make data-driven decisions.IMG_0381.gif

Let’s Unlock Effective Cost Management within Jira

Selecting an Appropriate Billing Method

First, decide how to charge clients for services provided in the billing process. Various billing methods, such as hourly, fixed, or value-based, exist, each with its own advantages and drawbacks that depend on factors like project scope, duration, and complexity. Pick a billing method that shows your worth, meets client needs, and fits your work style. Choose wisely..

Furthermore, understanding people rates is essential for effective billing. Whether these rates are based on an hourly or fixed basis, incorporating them within an add-on allows you to obtain real-time insights into the actual cost of your team's work and effectively align it with client payments. To keep sensitive information safe, only authorized people should be allowed to see it. This can be done by setting up permission settings.

Utilize a Time Tracking Solution

To accurately track your productivity, profitability, and effectively bill your clients on an hourly basis, employing a reliable time tracking tool is essential. There is a wide range of time tracking tools available at Atlassian Marketplace, and Cost Tracker seamlessly integrates with any of these tools.

Track your expenses

As a consulting agency, you are likely to encounter different types of business expenses, including travel, equipment, software, and subcontractors. It is crucial to track these expenses for reimbursement from clients and to include them in your cost reports. With the Cost Tracker add-on, you have the capability to easily incorporate all of your indirect expenses into your tracking and reporting process.

Report your hours and expenses

After diligently tracking your hours and expenses, it is essential to report them accurately to both your clients and yourself. Make clear invoices with all your work details for transparency. These invoices should include the recorded hours, applicable rates, and any fixed and variable expenses.

To facilitate the reporting process, Cost Tracker provides the option to export the necessary reports in CSV format with different type of expenses. This allows you to conveniently prepare and present the information to your clients.

How Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud may help?

Tracking time and cost per employee

The implementation of Cost Tracker allows you to leverage the advantages of tracking time and cost by the employee, delivering significant benefits to your company.

  • Gain valuable insights into how your employees allocate and utilize their time, ensuring active engagement throughout their work hours.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your team and uncover areas for improvement.
  • Identify and address potential distractions and unproductive behaviors, optimizing productivity.
  • Easily distinguish between top performers and those who may require additional support or development.
  • Streamline the tracking of overtime, vacations, and sick time, simplifying the process for efficient management.

Cost Tracker provides a comprehensive overview of the exact cost of work or time reports for individual employees. You can access this information within the Reports section, specifically under the Team section, where you have visibility into the cost of work logs for each team member.IMG_0379.jpeg


Tracking cost per issue

Having a clear understanding of the task structure and the cost required to complete each task is essential for any business. These factors not only reflect the current state of your business but also highlight potential areas for improvement. Furthermore, they enable you to make accurate estimations for future projects.

By tracking the time and cost spent on each issue, you can easily identify any bottlenecks in your workflow and delegation process. With the availability of the issue widget, you can conveniently view the precise cost associated with each issue. This feature allows you to monitor and assess the budget allocation for specific tasks, eliminating the need to navigate to reports.

Tracking time per project or different scope of work

By enabling project tracking, you gain a precise understanding of your firm's efficiency and productivity at the project level. It becomes crucial to determine the profitability of your primary services, such as company evaluation and reporting, as well as the profit margin derived from more specific tasks. Recognizing this need, we have incorporated the ability to filter issues for inclusion in your cost reports using JQL filters. This empowers you with limitless possibilities to track the cost of each epic, story, project, or a specific scope of tasks.IMG_0380.jpeg

Tracking cost per client

Utilizing JQL filters, you already have the capability to track the cost of each epic or task. Similarly, for a more effective approach, we recommend dividing your clients into projects and utilizing filters like the following: 

(( "worklogDate" >= startOfMonth(-1) )) and (( "worklogDate" <= endOfMonth(-1) )) and project = Development. 

While we have discussed the significance of tracking your own company, cost tracking per client can offer several valuable benefits:

  • Monitoring the profitability of each client
  • Conducting profit assessments
  • Recognition of contracts that may require renegotiation, either in terms or cooperation model
  • Understanding which contracts are disadvantageous to the extent of necessitating termination
  • Crafting more favorable proposals for future clients

Optimize your processes

Leveraging the information obtained through tracking and reporting your hours and operating expenses is crucial for process optimization. It is essential to actively seek opportunities to streamline workflow, minimize costs, maximize value, and improve communication within your consulting agency.

With Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud, you gain the ability to monitor reports at any given time and for any desired period. This comprehensive view empowers you to gain deep insights into the financial and time-related aspects of both your clients and employees. By efficiently utilizing this data and implementing the insights gained, you have the potential to elevate your business to new heights.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your costs, time allocations, and client profitability, you can make strategic decisions that drive growth and success.



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