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Top Trending Paid Atlassian Marketplace Apps - March 2024

At Contegix, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends in the Atlassian Marketplace. Today we are unveiling the top trending Paid apps from the past month across Jira and Confluence.

To uncover what the top trending Atlassian Marketplace apps are, we have assessed which apps with over 500 installs have experienced the highest percentage growth over the previous month.

By providing this assessment we are able to shine a light on products that more and more customers are finding value in while also acknowledging the outstanding vendors fueling this vibrant marketplace.

Congratulations to all of the apps featured here and the teams behind them!

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  1. Azure DevOps for Jira azuredevopsforjira.png
    • Vendor: Move Work Forward moveworkforward.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 41%
    • Installs: 627
    • Users: 36,686
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Azure Dev Ops for Jira helps users streamline their development workflow between Jira and Azure through tracking commits, branches, pull requests, builds, and deployments across both platforms.
    • Explore Azure DevOps for Jira on MARS Atlas today!
  2. Mantra - Confluence Intranet (News, Posts, Events, Theme) mantra.png
    • Vendor: Seibert Media - appanvil appanvil.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 11%
    • Installs: 507
    • Users: 36,626
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Confluence
    • Summary: Mantra is a comprehensive Confluence Cloud solution, providing customizable dashboards, news feeds, event tracking, and social walls for streamlined communication and collaboration.
    • Explore Mantra on MARS Atlas today!
  3. Smart Tables for Confluence smarttablesforconfluence.png
    • Vendor: Creativas creativas.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 8%
    • Installs: 810
    • Users: 504,913
    • Platform: Cloud, DC, Server
    • Product: Confluence
    • Summary: Smart Tables lets users enhance Confluence tables with Excel-like functionality, with persistent filtering, inline editing, powerful calculations, real-time collaboration, data visualization, and advanced Excel functions.
    • Explore Smart Tables for Confluence on MARS Atlas today!
  4. BPMN Modeler Enterprise bpmn enterprise.png
    • Vendor: viadee viadee.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 8%
    • Installs: 756
    • Users: 561,010
    • Platform: Cloud, DC, Server
    • Product: Confluence
    • Summary: BPMN Modeler Enterprise facilitates streamlined business process management by visually binding processes, enabling version control, collaboration, and seamless integration within Confluence.
    • Explore BPMN Modeler Enterprise on MARS Atlas today!
  5. Discord for Jira discordforjira.png
    • Vendor: Firnity firnity.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 7%
    • Installs: 781
    • Users: 8,732
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Discord for Jira allows for real-time notifications, ticket submission, and issue creation directly within Discord including customizable Discord channel notifications for Jira issue updates & JSM integration.
    • Explore Discord for Jira on MARS Atlas today!
  6. Colorful Labels for Jira colorfullabels.png
    • Vendor: Polymetis Apps polymetis.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 7%
    • Installs: 565
    • Users: 7,592
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Colorful Labels lets users enhance Jira issues through defining label colors per project or instance-wide, adding visual flair and organization to your workflow.
    • Explore Colorful Labels on MARS Atlas today
  7. QAlity Plus - Test Management for Jira qalityplus.png
    • Vendor: SolDevelo soldevelo.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 6%
    • Installs: 1,107
    • Users: 61,493
    • Platform: Cloud, DC, Server
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: QAlity Plus allows users to create and manage tests directly within Jira issues, allowing for increased transparency by displaying test steps in linked issues, easily report and link bugs to test steps, and benefit from the ability to import/export test cases and assigning users to test executions.
    • Explore QAlity Plus on MARS Atlas today!
  8. STAGIL Tables and ToDo Checklists stagiltables.png
    • Vendor: STAGIL / catworkx stagil.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 6%
    • Installs: 596
    • Users: 551,323
    • Platform: Cloud, DC, Server
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: STAGIL Tables offers versatile data management within issues, featuring customizable tables with various column types like text, numbers, select lists, while also allowing users to import/export to CSV, calculate formula columns while also simplifying task management with checklists and advanced data grids.
    • Explore STAGIL Tables on MARS Atlas today!
  9. Rewind Backups for Jira rewind.png
    • Vendor: Rewind rewind.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 6%
    • Installs: 652
    • Users: 44,584
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Rewind's automated backup system allows users to to back up their Jira Cloud data daily and on-demand, ensuring they can recover individual items and even an entire Jira dataset.
    • Explore Rewind Backups on MARS Atlas today!
  10. Google Drive Connector for Jira - Sheets, Docs, Slides googledriveconnector.png
    • Vendor: ikuTeam iku_team.png
    • Monthly Percentage Growth: 6%
    • Installs: 1,943
    • Users: 24,658
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Summary: Google Drive Connector lets users safely integrate Google Drive with Jira to attach files, folders, and more to issues, and seamlessly edit Google Documents, Sheets, and Presentations.
    • Explore Google Drive Connector on MARS Atlas today!

If you are interested in learning more about our Atlassian Marketplace insights then check out our MARS Atlas platform!

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Patricia Modispacher _appanvil_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
March 12, 2024

Thanks for that great list, @Joseph Law _Contegix_ 

What amazed me the most at Mantra was the highly personalized free demo you receive. There is a pre demo call where the experts really dive deep into your use case and when the demo starts you see the Confluence you love, leveled up with the best social intranet options ever. Can highly recommend. 

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