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Time in Status Reports

In today’s ever changing environment, you need data to have more control on your project timelines, and for informed decision making. You will need reliable reports to strengthen your processes, to track your bottleneck issues. You need to see which issue has spent most time in which status or with which assignee, and take appropriate actions. To achieve all this, you will need comprehensive overview of the time spent in each project stage.

Time in Status Reports by RVS is one tool which can help you achieve this objective. And what’s more it is cost effective and value for money app, with more than 20+ reports. Some of the popular and much needed reports which the app provides are as below.

Time in Status report

This report shows how long each issue has spent in your workflow statuses. It helps to make urgent decisions regarding team workflow steps. You can filter data by Project, Fix Version, Sprint, Issue created date, Issue Types, Status, Assignee,  Jira Filter, JQL. It will help to generate an accurate, detailed report based on the chosen criteria. 

You can further filter your data for status within specific date ranges.


Status Count report

The Status Count report shows how often an issue has moved to each workflow status. So you can monitor how many times an issue moves to the "On Hold" or "Under Review" statuses and identify whether some delays occur.

Status Count.PNG

Summary Report

Get a quick summary of your filtered issues. This feature also allows to slice and dice your data using JQL and get a bird’s eye view of the progress.

Clicking on the “Summary Criteria” drop down will open a popup as shown below.

In the example below I have set :

  1. Show Summary Pane = “Yes”
  2. Added the Fields Project. Assignee and Status

Summary 1.PNG

Based on above settings, the app will show summary bars as below.

Summary 2.PNG

You can also create your own issue chunks by specifying your custom JQL to further slice and dice your data.

In the example below, I have created 2 issues chunks for filtering by Projects in the JQL option.

Summary 3.PNG

Saving this configuration, will create  2 tabs.

Summary 4.PNG

Time with Assignee report

The Assignee time report shows the total time a particular assignee has been working on the issue. That’s why it’s especially useful for identifying who is responsible for the workflow delays.  It shows which assignee has been solving the task longer than it might be necessary. 


Status Transition Dates report 

The Status Entrance Date report shows the date an issue has moved to a particular status.

Get dates when the issue has entered each of the statuses.

Transition Dates.PNG


Time between Status Transitions

This report helps in calculating the time between 2 specific statuses in the issue workflow.

Time Between Statuses.PNG


Status Grouping


You can group your Statuses to define your own Cycle time, Lead time or any other grouping.

The app will sum up the time in each of the statuses which are grouped together.

Grouped Status - TIS.PNG


You can use this grouped status on the Time in Status Report screen as below.

TIS - Grouped Status.PNG

Power BI Export

You can easily export your time in status reports to Power BI and other BI tools using the JSON Feed feature.

TIS - Power BI Export.png

In Power BI, use the "Web" connector to connect to the JSON feed.

Enter the URL copied above, and once connected, you can use Power BI's capabilities to create reports and dashboards based on your Jira data.

Sample report below


TIS - Power BI Export Output.png

CSV Export

Data from the main grid can be exported to CSV files, which you can then examine with programs like Excel or Google Spreadsheets.


The above reports provided by App, Time in Status Reports by RVS, provides more details and can be more customized according to your needs. These reports generate a great amount of data and help teams deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently, making them more competitive.

Get a 30 days free trial for Time in Status Reports by RVS now.



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