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The power of Jira Custom Fields for Cost and Time Reports

In the wild and wonderful world of business, where the quest for profits is as adventurous as a treasure hunt, one thing can help your financial success - budget tracking and reporting. With the Cost Tracker add-on, you're already equipped with the superpowers to monitor expenses and optimize resources like a financial wizard. 

But guess what? We're about to turn those superpowers into full-blown financial sorcery with the magic of custom Jira fields that now can be included in your reports!

Whether it's the checkboxes of completed tasks, cascading lists of expenses, or the multi-choice spells of resource allocation, the power is in your hands!

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What are Custom Fields in Cost Tracker?

Custom fields in Cost Tracker allow users to add personalized data fields to capture specific information related to their projects or business processes. Unlike predefined fields, custom fields empower users to tailor Cost Tracker reports according to their unique requirements, providing a more holistic view of project expenses and resource utilization.

Use Cases for Custom Fields in Cost Tracker

Reports Client Orders and Partner Scope of work Tracking:

Custom fields can be used to capture and track expenses related to specific client purchase orders (POs) or partner statements of work (SOWs). This enables you to assess project costs associated with different clients or partners, aiding in profitability analysis and client/partner relationship management.

Different Team Cost Analysis:

Implement custom fields to monitor the cost incurred by each department of your team. This allows you to evaluate resource allocation, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and allocate resources effectively for future development projects.

Expense Category Classification:

Use custom fields to categorize expenses into various groups such as development expenses, promotion expenses, or marketing costs. This classification aids in budget planning and provides a clear breakdown of different expense types for comprehensive financial analysis.

Scope Evaluation:

Custom fields can be utilized to evaluate the scope of specific projects or initiatives. By comparing actual costs against planned budgets, you can assess project performance and identify areas for cost optimization.

How to add custom fields in your report?

Step 1: Access Your Cost Report Start by accessing the desired cost report in the Cost Tracker add-on. Navigate to the report you wish to enhance with custom fields and open ‘Scope Tab’

Step 2: Click on "Columns" In the Cost Report interface, you'll find a "Columns" button that allows you to customize the data displayed in the report.

Step 3: Select Custom Fields After clicking on "Columns," a list of available options, including standard and custom fields, will be presented to you. From this list, choose the custom fields that you want to include in your cost scope report.

Step 4: Supported Custom Field Types The Cost Tracker add-on currently supports various custom field types that you can integrate into your report.

These include:

Checkboxes: Ideal for capturing yes/no or true/false type of information relevant to your project.

Select List (Cascading): This field type allows you to create a cascading dropdown list, enabling more detailed categorization of data.

Select List (Multi-choice): Perfect for situations where you need to select multiple options from a predefined list.

By incorporating custom fields into your cost scope report, you can:

Customize Data Presentation: Tailor the report to display the specific information you need, making it easier to understand and analyze project expenses.

Gain Deeper Insights: Access additional data that provides valuable context and insights into your project's cost drivers and resource utilization.

Simplify Decision-Making: Having relevant custom field data at your fingertips empowers you to make informed decisions that drive project success.

With the Cost Tracker add-on and custom fields, you'll have all the financial data you need at your fingertips, just like having your own financial wizard! So, say goodbye to budget mysteries and hello to budget mastery!



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