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The importance of the Average time report in Jira

Let’s talk about one important metric in Jira - Jira average time, which shows the average time it takes to complete a task. This metric is useful in evaluating team performance and identifying areas for improvement.

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Why is the Average time data is important?

The average time in Jira is calculated by taking the sum of all the Jira time spent on a set of issues and dividing it by the number of issues in the set. For example, if a team has completed ten tasks and spent a total of 100 hours on them, the average time would be 10 hours per task.

This metric can be used in a number of ways. For example, if the average Jira time is higher than expected, it may indicate that there are issues with the team's workflow or that team members are taking too long to complete tasks. This could lead to a review of the team's processes to identify areas for improvement.

On the other hand, if the average time is lower than expected, it may indicate that the team is working too quickly and may not be giving each task the appropriate level of attention. This could lead to a review of the team's workload and processes to ensure that tasks are being completed with appropriate care and attention.

How to get the Average time in status report?

But what is more important is to track the average Jira time in status. This data helps to identify at which stage some delays occur and solve it immediately.  You can easily measure it with the Time in Status for Jira Cloud add-on. All you need to do is choose the Average time report, filter data by the provided criteria and get the ready report.

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Also, you can export data to CSV or XLSX files if necessary.

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With the help of additional  JSON Data Feed link functionality, you can share Jira time reports. It helps to analyze data using additional analytical systems (Power BI, Qlik, etc). If you need to share a report with your colleagues or people out of your organization, you can also use this JSON Data Feed link.


In addition to evaluating team performance, the average time in Jira can also be used to set expectations for stakeholders. For example, if the average time for completing a particular type of task is two weeks, stakeholders can use this information to plan their own work and set appropriate deadlines. Don’t miss any opportunities that add-ons provide, and get as much as possible with Time in Status for Jira Cloud. We are waiting for your responses with results! 





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