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Test Management Capability of the QARAJ Add On for Jira

QARAJ (QARA – Test Management for JIRA) is a JIRA add-on that enhances the test management capabilities of the software. QARAJ enhances Jira's test management capability and allows QA teams to access Jira directly from the QARA Enterprise Jira test management tool's UI. The Atlassian Marketplace has the Jira add-on available for download. In this post, we'll look at how QA teams may use the QARAJ add-on to connect Jira to the QARA Enterprise Jira test management system to manage requirements.

It can also be used with QARA Enterprise to track bugs and issues on the QARAJ add-on platform, a test Management app for Jira, rather than migrating to JIRA.


Given below are the key features of the QARAJ Add-On, a test Management app for Jira.


  • Introduce an issue type "Test Case" for creating test case
  • Organize test cases in folders
  • Plan and Assign test execution cycles
  • Keep track of Execution History


Full transparency into test programs, increased team productivity, aids in establishing best practices.

  • Project Summary Report
  • Test Summary Report
  • Velocity Report
  • Release Report
  • Traceability Report
  • Defect Metrics Report
  • Execution Reports


  • QARA Enterprise: QARA is an integrated platform that supports declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities.
  • Qapture: Qapture Extension is used to post annotated screen as attachment to a new Jira issue and also to post the screen as attachment for existing issue for a selected project.

You can login to Qapture Extension using JIRA credentials. On Qapture, multiple options are available to post annotated screen as attachments. 

Benefits of using QARAJ issue type in test management

QARA Enterprise has all of the capabilities your QA team requires for complete test automation. Get started by downloading a Free Trial today! Given below is a list of common tasks that we can perform using QARAJ, a test Management app for Jira with enhanced test management capability: 

  • QARAJ Test Case Creation: We can create new Test Cases as an ‘issue type’ in QARAJ
  • Folder Creation & Test Case Assignment: We can assign the test cases within a project into folders.
  • Test Cycle Creation: We can create Test Cycles and assign Test cases to a test cycle.
  • Test Case Execution: We can execute the test case to compare the expected and actual results/performance.
  • Execution History: We can view a history of executed test cases and generate test reports.

Hence, testing artifacts are also managed in the same way as any other issue type you may have (e.g. Bug, Story). This is a core and unique characteristic of QARAJ, a test Management app for Jira, that leverages the native features and brings them to your testing artifacts.

Here are some characteristics related with Jira issues that you can take advantage of for QARAJ issues as well. Let’s learn a little about them.          

  • Workflows
  • Permissions
  • Agile / Scrum Boards
  • Assignment & Accountability
  • Linking
  • Work Logs
  • Integration with QARA enterprise
  • Search + JQL
  • Comments
  • Reports / Listings


i] Workflows

Workflows can also be implemented for testing-related artefacts (e.g., tests, test executions) to provide you complete control over the test design, execution, and planning phases. You may also use processes to prevent requirements from being closed if they haven't been thoroughly evaluated. 

Beneficial for: Jira admins & Project admins 

ii] Permissions

Deal with permissions as you deal with permissions in general for any issue in Jira. This simplifies and centralizes user and permission management. Make your testing related issues read-only as you do for any other issue type.

Beneficial for: Jira admins 

iii] Agile / Scrum Boards

QARAJ issues can be included in SCRUM boards along, thus everyone involved in the project can have a clear view about the real status of the issues being handled in the scope of some sprint, not just from a development perspective but also from a quality perspective.

Beneficial for: Jira users 

iv] Assignment & Accountability

Issues in QARAJ, a test Management app for Jira, can be assigned, watchers can be added to them. Whether you're dealing with the definition of a test case or the execution of a group of tests within a single Test Execution, assigning issues to users ensures that they get done. 

Beneficial for: Everyone 

v] Linking

Relate QARAJ issues to other issues in your Jira instance (e.g. Story, Bug, Task, etc.), the Jira way. This facilitates clear navigation between related information, so you can easily access it whenever you need it.

Beneficial for: Jira Users 

vi] Work Logs

Ability to add work logs, namely in Test Execution issues in order to log the time taken to run the related tests. Work logs can also be added to other issue types in QARAJ test Management app for Jira, as way to report time spent on them. 

Beneficial for: Everyone 

vii] Integration with QARA enterprise

Since JIRA issues is a core JIRA concept/artifact, they're used as the basis for many add-ons. Since QARAJ, an add on that enhances test management capability of Jira, also uses Jira issues, then the integration with QARA Enterprise is available out-of-the-box, without having the needed of have a special integration for that to happen.

Beneficial for: Jira Users

viii] Search + JQL

Easily search and interact with QARAJ test Management app for Jira issues using JQL. You may use JQL to search for what you need based on the fields that are relevant to you, leveraging your existing Jira knowledge.

Beneficial for: Everyone

ix] Comments

Collaborate by leaving comments to other users in QARAJ issues. In the formulation of test cases and the development of a test strategy, people should be engaged and included. Make it a lot easier to contribute, no matter where you are in the testing process.

Beneficial for: Jira Users


Use Jira's REST API, out-of-the-box, to query, create or update QARAJ issues. QARAJ’s specific REST API extends it further to provide the necessary semantics related with test management

Beneficial for: Everyone

xi] Reports / Listings

QARAJ issues can easily be included in listings since they're issues like every other one. The "Filter Results" gadget can also list QARAJ issues in order to make listings of Tests, Test Sets, Tests Plans or requirements.

Beneficial for: Everyone

So, that was about an introduction on test management with QARAJ addon and how you can organize test executions with ease with the add on. QARAJ even offers a simple and easy installation process. Have you had a chance to try QARAJ yet? Click here to get the QARAJ add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.



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