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Teamployees - Employee Birthday Reminders

When it comes to motivating employees, as a rule, they mean bonuses, salary increases. But experienced leaders know that money, while powerful, is a bad motivator. Therefore, ideally, the company should not only reward its employees with bonuses but also work on non-monetary motivation.

One of the methods of increasing employee loyalty is just... attention to the person of the employee, for example, congratulations on his birthday.

One way or another, the birthdays of employees are celebrated in the team. Sometimes only in their own working group, sometimes - within the entire company. After all, a greeting card or a small gift is a great way to remind an employee how important he is to the company. Therefore, we propose to consider activities like birthday greetings and other important dates as part of the business process in the organization and make them an automated process using the TEAMPLOYEES app for the Jira Cloud instance.


Birthday greetings automation

Of course, in small companies, you can get by with simple recurring reminders of upcoming events in the calendar. If you are not busy, you can easily plan how you will congratulate this or that employee. But when the number of employees in the company grows, and the workload for the main business processes becomes more, it is already problematic to congratulate each colleague personally. What can we say, in times of remote work, when employees may simply not know each other by sight. This leads to insufficient work on the motivation of all employees in general.

The birthday functionality in the TEAMPLOYEES plugin removes the need to track dates in person. You will receive a notification in advance about upcoming birthdays and can appoint those responsible for organizing the celebration in the required time frame.


Setting up birthday greetings

Start by creating a list of employees in the TEAMPLOYEES app, which, in addition to contact information, will contain the date of birth and useful information about the employee's hobbies: for example, he loves fishing, collects sports cards, plays football, etc. Also, add a separate project to Jira to handle birthday tasks. Here you can customize the processes that exist in your organization, for example, preparing a postcard, purchasing a gift, organizing a party.

With the TEAMPLOYEES plugin:

  • Write congratulation text on the postcard.
  • Prepare a small gift.
  • Organize a congratulation ceremony or even a party.
  • Prepare and agree on an additional bonus (weekend, bonus).

ℹ️ Some organizations practice the so-called "Cake Day". At the end of each month, the company organizes a birthday party for employees who have had one in the last 30 days. A good solution for large companies, where almost every day one of the employees celebrates a birthday.

TEAMPLOYEES is a useful little thing for every employee, for every team, for every organization.

🥳 Be the one who remembers all birthdays!



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