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Standard operational procedure: how to organize SOP in Jira?

Standard operational procedure how to organize SOP in Jira.png

Would you like to take a flight if a plane wasn’t checked according to safety regulations? Standard operation procedures (SOPs) were invented to solve this problem. Companies need to stay organized and follow the standards, whether for employee onboarding or complying with ISO criteria. Let’s try to make this process less complicated and painful by using tools for Jira. We’ll provide you with a churn prevention SOP template that you can use or adjust to your needs. 


What is an SOP, and why do you need it?

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a checklist with steps a person must follow to complete a specific operational task. It can be industry requirements or the processes that the company set by itself.

why do you need SOPs.png

Tips to start your standard operating procedure 

  • Choose the format to present your SOP. Think about the information you need to lay out.
  • Decide on your SOP’s structure. Will it be a mini-guide or in-depth document? 
  • Set the scope for your procedures. Understand when the operation begins and when it ends.
  • Draw up every required step.
  • Test the process to find possible pitfalls and improve every item.
  • Implement the SOP.


Set up SOPs in Jira and Confluence

Employees frequently found SOPs annoying and time-consuming. That’s for a reason. With all that processes of creating, editing, printing, running around for approvals, storing and training, who will like it. 

Some companies use Confluence as their document and quality management system and framework for SOPs. With Confluence, you can:

  • Write and organize the documents in associated pages
  • Control access rights and permissions
  • Edit documents in real-time by several people
  • Export in different formats

 Jira can be natively connected to Confluence pages. As a result, documentation control can be achieved by generating Jira tickets requesting the creation, modification, or removal of an SOP in Confluence.


SOPs automation with BPM

Business Process Manager (BPM) is developed to win the most and spend the least. It helps you manage your SOP templates effortlessly. Here you can create a form with the required steps for your standard operating procedures and assign it as a Jira issue for the person and project you need. 

 There is a built-in feature for approvals – no need to run around and find the manager to approve it. 

Churn Prevention SOP Template

To begin, define a strategy for dealing with Churn Prevention and discuss the steps that need to be taken. Then create a process template and add all the necessary steps by grouping them into a chest for easy searching.

In our example, we have the following groups of steps:

  1. Preparation (Record basic details)
  2. Evaluate product usage (Analyze how they use your product, Identify key points of value, Quantify the impact of cancellation, Determine ways to increase value)
  3. Contact the customer (Call the customer, Summarize why they want to leave)
  4. Process the data gathered (Note down important learnings from the conversation, Send learnings to appropriate managers)

 Add form elements with all vital information, checklists, and fields to each step using the drag and drop.

create process template using form builder.png

Choose an Assignee to complete each issue and Project where the task should be created.

select assignee and project in workflow template.png

If any of the steps requires confirmation of the responsible – add Approval. This can be one person or several selected users. As soon as the user submits the completed form, the assignee for the issue will change to the first approver. Where he can choose, Approve or Reject. If you add more than 1 approver, the assignee will alternate from one user to another.

add approval step in your jira workflow.png

If some tasks need to be created after the previous issues have been completed, we recommend using Blocker.

add blocker in BPM.png

Another essential element when working with Churn Prevention of customers is deadlines. Add a Due Date to make sure the task is completed on time.

select due date in process template.png

Track process progress in real-time and respond quickly to delays.

Configure the automation that will start your process in response to the selected trigger (for example, unsubscribe request).

 That’s how we set a Churn Prevention template in Jira. You can run it with a few button clicks, adjust it according to your needs, or create a different one for the SOP your company requires.

 Organizing an SOP requires a lot of effort if you won’t automate it. Finding the appropriate tool will help to reduce the risk of errors, save time, and improve efficiency. Try to use one of the templates from BPM.



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