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SLA configurations for different Time zones with Custom Fields in Jira Cloud


If you have teams in different time zones and need to calculate SLAs for each group, you can use the SLA Time and Report add-on and custom fields. Let's look at how to set this up using an example of teams from the USA, India, Portugal, and Australia.

Watch the guide in the video, or follow the steps below.

Creating Separate Calendars for Each Team

The first step is to create separate calendars for each team, setting the appropriate time zones and work schedules. This includes working days, working hours, breaks, and holidays. For example, let’s set up the following calendars:

  • USA - Los Angeles
  • India - Kolkata
  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Australia - Melbourne


Once you have saved all the calendars, you can go to the SLA Configuration Manager and create a new configuration or edit an existing one. You need to add the configuration name for the team you set up the SLA for and select the appropriate calendar. Next, select the Stop/Pause/Start conditions and the SLA target, and save the configuration.


Using Custom Fields to Select Team Location

In some cases, you may need to perform SLAs according to the time zone of the selected location. For this, you can create custom fields in Jira. Note that only users with admin privileges can do this.

Go to Settings and select Issues, then find the Custom Fields item in the sidebar and select it.


Create a custom field of type “Select List” (single choice), and configure its options. In our example, the name will be “Location”, and the options will be the different team locations.


Associate the created field with the necessary screens.


Once the new field appears in the projects with the corresponding Screen Scheme, each team can select their location in the ticket.

Generating SLA Reports for Each Country

To get SLA reports for each country separately:

  1. Go back to the SLA Time and Report add-on and reopen the created configurations.
  2. Add one of the location values to the Start condition and all other to the Stop.
  3. Save and do the same for each of the rest configurations.

SLA-time-for-resolution-with-location.pngNow, you can get SLA reports for all your teams. To do this, select created SLAs as an issues filter or create your customized filter using JQL – “Location[Dropdown]”= USA (or another country)filters-for-SLA-locations.pngsla-grid-table-report-for-resolution-and-response-time.png

That's all. Following these steps, you can set up SLA configurations for teams in different time zones and generate SLA reports for each country separately. To try out the SLA Time and Report add-on, use the 30-day trial.



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