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SLA Reports for Jira Issues


How to create SLA Reports for Jira Issues? Is it possible to generate them as graphs or pie charts? Can we integrate them into additional dashboards?

The answer is yes! We can create such SLA reports where all the necessary information will be gathered in one report. Whatever Jira product you use, you can find a convenient way to generate reports in all of them. 

Let’s start with reporting in Jira Service Management.

Reports in Jira Service Management

If you use Jira Service Management and have support projects, you can try the functionality of reports generation offered by JSM.

These may be the default and custom reports.

As for default ones, there you can generate such reports:

  • Workload  the amount of requests employees were assigned to;
  • Satisfaction  customer satisfaction rating or how your team was assessed;
  • Requests deflected  the amount of the requests deflected in portal and article views from the portal;
  • Requests resolved  how many requests were resolved.

Also, in Jira Service Management, you can create custom reports. Here you can keep track of some specific goals. So, Jira Service Management SLA reporting offers the following types of reports:

  • Created vs Resolved  received requests vs resolved requests;
  • SLA success rate  monitoring your team's success regarding SLA goals;
  • Time to resolution  how much time it took to resolve requests;
  • SLA met vs breached  how much SLA goals were achieved and what issues were breached;
  • Resolution by component  resolution time for specific components.

Reports generated in Jira Service Management are in the form of graphs and statistics. Also, you can export them into CSV to show them to your manager or present them to the team at the meeting. 

SLA Reporting for all Jira Projects (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Management)

Do you know that you can set SLA timers and generate reports not only for JSM tickets but also for Jira Software and Core?  One of such solution is SLA Time and Report for Jira.

In this add-on you can:

  • set different time goals; 
  • define what your team should do and when they are supposed to finish these tasks; 
  • track the process of task fulfillment;
  • monitor team efficiency.

Note: This add-on can be used for all teams and all kinds of projects, not only for support.

Reports in SLA Time and Report for Jira

To monitor whether your Jira issues were completed when planned and met the time goals, you can generate reports in SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on. Here all the reports can be shown as graphs, pie charts or be exported in different formats (CSV, JPEG, PDF, SVG).

Moreover, if your company uses Dashboards, you can integrate charts from SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on there.

As for the types of reports in this add-on, here they are: 

  • SLA Met vs Exceeded issues report shows which issues met SLA goals and which didn’t.
    met and axceeded.png
    The green line shows the number of tickets that Met your SLA criteria, and the red shows the amount which Exceeded (Breached) ones.
    If you plan to report the result to your manager, use the export option and add this chart to your beautiful ppt.
  • SLA Statuses Pie Chart
    Pie Charts.png

    If you manage the support team, most likely you always need to have a helicopter view of how many tickets you get and what their SLA statuses are.
    Also, you may need to report to your manager about last week's team performance.

    For all these purposes, use the SLA Statuses Pie Chart.
    This report allows you to see the amount of tickets against their relevant SLA statuses. Use filtering to get the scope you would like to monitor. 
  • SLA Met vs Exceeded per Assignee
    per assignee.png
    Use SLA Met vs Exceeded per Assignee to check which agent is better and who needs more attention. The system will build the bar chart for every selected Assignee (agent) and break it into the selected periods.
    Again, green shows the issues that Met the SLA criteria, red  Exceeded.

To integrate these charts to dashboards, just click “Capture and copy” at the bottom of the page with the report: 

And to export reports to CSV, JPEG, PDF, SVG, click “Export” at the right corner at the top of the page and choose the format you need:
sla export.png


So, this is how you can get the reports for different Jira products. You can generate them via built-in options, or you can install an additional SLA plugin for Jira, like SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on. It will give you more opportunities and widen the report-generating functionality. 

I hope information from this article will help you analyze your team's effectiveness and make it work better.



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