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Process Street Alternative for Jira Cloud

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Where do you organize your business process management? Is it still sheets, docs, or special apps? 

Process Street is one of the most popular third-party tools for process and workflow management.

People like Process Street since it is quite simple to get started and use among the team.

The one question here is, what if the company uses Jira and has some process in this tool? Moreover, all user management processes are set in Atlassian. What’s the best approach here to get puzzled with those nice applications? The answer is to utilize the APIs and 3rd party tools like Integromat

Let’s take a look at these integration methods.


Process Street & Jira

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Using the direct integration of Jira and Process Street, you could find the following triggers and actions::

  1. When a task is checked, then...
  2. When a workflow run is completed then

Available action is:

  • create issue

Using a special third program, ext. Integromat. It has more available triggers: 

  • Watch Issues, 
  • Watch Tasks, 
  • Watch Workflow Runs.

And it has more actions:

  • Add a Comment, 
  • Add an Attachment, 
  • Assign Issue, 
  • Create an Issue, 
  • Delete a Comment, 
  • Delete an Issue, 
  • Get an Attachment, 
  • Get and Download Attachment, 
  • Get an Issue, 
  • Make an API Call, 
  • Remove Attachment, 
  • Transition Issue, 
  • Update a Comment, 
  • Update an Issue, 
  • Upset an Issue, 
  • Create a Comment, 
  • Create a Workflow Run. 

The number of operations and data transfers is limited in third-party programs, which depend on the cost you pay.

The question is whether you should consider organizing processes in Process Street or Jira Cloud? Of course, like any other program, both are not perfect. There are shortcomings here and there.

Let's compare the capabilities of Jira and Process to understand why companies choose the second of the programs for the organization of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

Slide 16_9 - 8 (1).png

BPM & Jira

Imagine if you can organize all process management inside Jira? No need for integrations or switching between different apps.

To provide you with such an opportunity, we have developed the BPM (Business Process Management) add-on. It allows you to standardize typical company processes in the Jira ecosystem and monitor all actions around the process.

unnamed (5).png

The main functionality of the BPM add-on:

- create a process template with all the steps required to complete;

- add the form needed to submit, instructions, checklists, assignees, issue type, and project to each step of the process;

- run a template in one click – it automatically creates all tasks for the right people with detailed information;

- the Processes tab allows you to monitor all active processes and keep them under control;

- by restrictions, you can add additional protection for your templates;

- set up a scheduled process and forget about routinely creating common process tasks;

- edit the process easily when it needs to be changed.

So, if we now compare Process Street and Jira + BPM add-on, we’ll get a decent alternative that is available on the Atlassian marketplace.

Slide 16_9 - 9 (1).png

The number of features is still much lower than in the Street Process, but we are constantly working to improve it.

To understand in which direction to move next, we are interested to hear your opinion about the add-on BPM. What options would be useful for you to organize a workflow in Jira?



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