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New: Automate and build notifications with Profields events


Throughout 2019 Profields is making Jira projects even more accessible, easy to share and to follow.

This is an important move precisely because customers use Profields to store a huge amount of knowledge: our users want not only to actively find that information when they look for it, but also to be alerted whenever something important changes in their projects.

To that end, Profields 6.4.0 (here are the release notes) includes the foundation for later steps in our roadmap: events. For now, editing the value in a project-level custom field triggers an event. This means that the first value assigned to a project-level custom field in a project triggers an event, and so does any later edit of the initial value.

A typical candidate is a change in the project status, as in the image below.



However, placing project-level custom fields in layouts or associating layouts to projects doesn’t (for now).

You may wonder what else is in our roadmap? We’re going to use these and other events to create a “watch projects” option for project subscriptions, as well as more advanced notifications. Stay tuned!

But you don’t have to wait: it’s fairly easy to use these events on your own. The most obvious action is to create listeners that trigger notifications in the system. With a little extra work, Profields events can be placed at the core of many other business processes.

Three use cases for custom development

Here are three simple examples of what a customer can develop in-house using the new Profields events:

  • Do you want to send notifications to employees or stakeholders who aren’t users of Jira? By listening to the events, you could develop notifications on whatsapp to sales reps whenever a project in their area is concluded, for example.
  • Or you could notify users that have been added to a Profields group in a project to make sure they’re on top of their assignments.
  • On the automation side, when the project is closed, you could program a compilation in Bamboo and tag the version as final.

How to use Profields events

To get started with Profields events, you can follow the instructions in our documentation

Happy listening!



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