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Marketplace Partner Spotlight: miniOrange

This month we caught up with our friends at miniOrange to learn about their company. Anupriya Kumar, Chief Operations Officer, shares her insight and experience.

Atlassian: How was your company started? 
Anupriya Kumar: miniOrange was founded by engineers and managers familiar with Atlassian products and working at security firms. Microsoft began in a garage, and our team gathered in a little room to form the company, so going with “mini” instead of “micro” made sense. Also, since “Apple” was taken, we opted to call ourselves Orange. So miniOrange began.

A: What's your role at your company?
AK: I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at miniOrange and also the head of the Atlassian team. I manage the team, product innovation of Atlassian apps, and the marketing side of the team. 

A: What's your favorite thing about working there? What’s your favorite team ritual?

AK: When surrounded by super passionate people who are driven to give their best, it truly creates a dedicated environment where everybody is there for each other. In fact, there is no hierarchy (i.e., no senior or junior). Everyone is welcome to share their ideas and opinions, and it’s always changing and evolving. The best part is I get the front row seat watching the process of a simple idea turning out better than we could have imagined.

My favorite team rituals would be our wonderful birthday celebrations, where we have authentic Indian delicacies and snacks (Samosas and Kachori). Every week, we have fun Fridays that include sports tournaments and festival celebrations from all over the world in their traditional form and appreciation Fridays, where team members appreciate each other. I love the fact that our team is filled with new and exciting possibilities, and in a small way, I am part of that!


A: How does your team come up with ideas for new apps?

AK: The key to great ideas is brainstorming a lot of ideas. We invite all ideas, whether good, bad, or cliche. Those are discussed within the team, narrowed down, and then we move forward. We also listen to our customers' requirements and needs to drive us to improve our apps. By keeping up with the Atlassian Community, we understand the problems faced by people and try to fulfill them through our apps. Additionally, we are Atlassian Cloud suite customers, so we analyze our company requirements and try to create an application to meet our requirements and needs. 

A: Think back to when you were developing your flagship app - did you see yourself here now? What do you think has been the secret to your success so far? 

AK: It is a natural human tendency to not be satisfied with what you achieve. We just try to keep ourselves positive, calmly moving forward. To be honest, we didn’t see ourselves here, and we will keep going because the sky's the limit! Our secret is no secret; we just work along the lines: परिश्रम + अनुशासन = सफलता which states Hard work + Discipline = Success. And yes, a lot of fun along the way is expected. 

A: Tell us about your most popular app. Why do customers love it?

AK: We specialize in the domain of Identity & Access Management, and as a result, our apps SAML Single Sign-On(SSO) for JIRA & Confluence are the most popular ones. Single Sign-On provides users with easy access to various applications using a single set of login credentials. The best part is it saves a lot of time and is easy to configure. Just imagine the hassle-free process of not remembering different passwords for various applications without compromising security, this is what we offer, and we are continuously striving towards its improvement.  

The foremost thing which we value is customer satisfaction. We believe that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy,” so we offer 24x7 customer service. This is why our customers love to be a part of our family. Keenly listening to our customers' requirements, speedily responding to them, & day-by-day improving our add-ons accordingly is the key factor why our customers recommend and love our support.

A: Do you have any new apps or projects you want us to know about? 

AK: Definitely Yes! At miniOrange, progress is constant, and to achieve it, we work on continuous improvement. So currently, we have various apps in our pockets. A few of them are 2FA, API Token Authentication, User Management & our very unique Crowd SAML add-ons.

2FA in basic terms is Two Factor Authentication. It enhances the security of the application by adding an extra layer of protection. It verifies if the users are genuine through various authentication methods like mobile authenticator, OTP over email & SMS, Hardware token etc., preventing attacks even if your credentials are compromised.

Another one is API token authentication. It provides a way to authenticate REST calls using API keys and OAuth tokens, thereby mitigating the security threats caused by basic authentication. 

Our User management add-ons (SCIM Provisioning, Bulk User Management for Jira & Confluence) help you administer users. These tools allow you to automatically deactivate/activate users and sync or unsync users, making it cost-effective by managing your licensed user effectively. 

Last but not least, we are proud of being the only solution for Crowd SAML SSO apps. CROWD SAML Single Sign-On allows SSO into Crowd & connected apps with any SAML compliant IDP. 

Customers can get tailor-made solutions and features based on their requirements as well; they can reach out to us here!

Visit miniOrange on the Marketplace and install a new app.




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Marketplace Partner
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May 6, 2022

It was great talking to you @Erica, Thomas and I would like to thank you for giving this amazing opportunity! :)

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Sanyukta Jha May 8, 2022

Woah! 🙌

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Radhesham Joshi
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I'm New Here
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May 8, 2022

Great !!!

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