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Marketplace Partner Spotlight: Reliex


For this month's Marketplace Partner Spotlight, we decided to feature Reliex, a Platinum Marketplace Partner that helps teams organize work in new and productive ways using apps like ActivityTimeline, Find Duplicates and Email Notifications Digest. Reliex has grown quickly over the past two years thanks to their popular ActivityTimeline app.

Here's what Ostap, Product Manager for ActivityTimeline, had to say about the company.

Atlassian: How was your company started?

Ostap: Reliex was started almost 6 years ago by Oleh, who was previously managing a large team at a software development company. Still, as the team grew, he felt that there wasn’t enough visibility, and he was often struggling to see what everyone was doing and when tasks were going to be done. That’s when he came up with the idea behind our flagship app - ActivityTimeline:

ActivityTimeline app for Jira_ Resource Planning _ Time Tracking.png

Of course, it’s day and night different from what the app was about back then and now!

With the passage of time, we’ve grown substantially and in just 2 years, we’ve grown from Silver to the Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner level.

A: What's your role at Reliex?

O: My name is Ostap and I am a Product Manager of our main app: ActivityTimeline.

A: What's your favorite thing about working at Reliex? What’s your favorite team ritual?

O: My favorite thing about working here is the possibility to implement your own ideas, even the boldest ones. I also like that everyone in our team understands what a large impact each and every employee has, and if some of us fail, everyone fails, so we have to be the best backup for each other at all times.

I’d say that my favorite ritual in our team is our team lunches. Before COVID-19 it was easy, most of us worked from the office, but even after we became fully remotely, we still occasionally share our lunchtime over Zoom.

A: How does your team come up with ideas for new apps?

O: Everyone in our company is very creative and we all try to come up with new ideas in our own field, but I’d say that the most important ideas are the ones that we develop together during our brainstorming sessions. Even though we are 100% remote now, we see each other on a regular basis, and that is when the magic happens. 

A: Think back to when you were just starting out - did you see yourself here now? What do you think has been the secret to Reliex's success so far?

O: I joined the company as a Customer Success Manager 4 years ago. It was my first experience with Jira apps, but almost immediately I understood how large this is and what a massive difference we can do in terms of capacity planning and time tracking for our customers. 

I am a true believer that the only way to succeed is to focus on the customers and their needs, that’s what we have in mind 100% of the time and that’s what brings us the success.

A: Tell us about your most popular app. Why do customers love it?

O: Our most popular app is called ActivityTimeline - this is a comprehensive app for resource planning, time tracking, team & user management, and much more. It allows managers to easily track the available capacity, and understand who is doing what at any time and where the resources are getting spent.

We believe that customers love our app for its flexibility, as we have features that work both for small startups and large enterprises. Also, we’re not afraid to say that our customer support is one of the best on the market, as we believe that no matter how great the tool is, the responsive support team can make it 10 times better.


A: Do you have any new apps or projects you want us to know about? 

O: Our current plan for 2022 is to greatly expand the functionality of the ActivityTimeline app to empower users with enhanced reports, integration and visualization. And we have very ambitious goals for 2023. We will definitely share them when the time is right. Let’s make it a surprise 😉

Check out apps from Reliex on the Atlassian Marketplace --> 



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Ostap Zaishlyi _Reliex_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 10, 2022

Thanks, @Maggie Norby Adams for featuring our team 🥳

Nataliya Vasyliv_Reliex_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 11, 2022

Thank you @Maggie Norby Adams for the great article!

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