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Looking for Devs to test our new Gamification Forge App

Hope Younger June 3, 2024

Hello App Central,

Hope from here!

I am looking for some kind devs to test out our new forge app (WinByWorking) that turns your Jira sprint into a 3D video game. Inspired by RTS Gaming classics like Command and Conquer, we want to let teams play at work, all while boosting productivity. 

While we haven't launched on the marketplace yet, we're eager to give you a sneak peek and gather your valuable feedback. I'd love to schedule a demo with you to show you the game, either using your sprint data or our own. Your insights will help us fine-tune the gaming metrics to ensure it effectively motivates and enhances team productivity.

Early testers/ supporters will get recognition via in game features like designing/ personalising your own vehicle that will be public when the software is officially released into the marketplace. This would just mean a 45 minute demo and a short survey for you to take.

If you're interested, please comment on this post or email me at I look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this gaming journey together!






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Rustem Shiriiazdanov June 3, 2024

Hey @Hope Younger I've been always very sceptical about gamification, but turning a sprint into C&C sounds crazy and fun. Please count me on for a demo!

Ben Younger June 3, 2024

Thankyou @Rustem Shiriiazdanov !  We play as a team every sprint standup!  It is crazy good fun and a performance driver... but there again I did invent it, so am totally biased! 

It is a real video game and not just leaderboards and badges (which is what traditional gamification is) and that makes us different. Internally we refer to that as Gamitization - where work IS the game. 

We can play at work and feel good about it because it helps our productivity :) and since it is a multiplayer game (for the team) where everyone is immersed in a 'World of Accountability' everybody gets on the same page as to the state of the project - and fast!

We are also planning a SimCity like variant for those who don't want to blow stuff up.  It will be called Sprintropolis.  The idea being that good work means you get more cash & resources to keep your city running smoothly (fire dept, hospital, roads, plumbing and all that good stuff working nicely).  Buildings/systems that are based on issues that are not going well will decay since they will generate resources at a slower rate.  Also multiplayer, but a persistent game that folks can drop into individually or as a team.

We are in the design process for this game - so your feedback would be great on that too.



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Rustem Shiriiazdanov June 3, 2024

@Ben Younger that is an ambitious plan, and I'm quite interested to see it's implementation! Please keep posted about the progress, and invite me for a demo :)

Hope Younger June 4, 2024

Hi Rustem,

Have sent you a LinkedIn message to arrange a demo.

Look forward to gaming with you!



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Ben Younger June 4, 2024

Will do!

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