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Launch Your Intranet to Success: Engagement Strategies for Liftoff πŸš€

The countdown to your intranet's debut has begun, and the anticipation is palpable. But hold off on the champagne for just a moment! While having a stellar intranet is crucial, it's equally important to ensure its successful adoption and usage by your team. After all, an intranet is only as effective as its engagement levels.

Here's the reality: even the most advanced intranet can languish unused if you don't ignite enthusiasm and encourage adoption.

The good news? With a focused, creative launch campaign sprinkled with some strategic marketing magic, you can transform your intranet launch into a celebration of connection and a springboard for enhanced productivity within your company.

Let's delve into how:


Generating Pre-Launch Excitement: Kickstart Your Intranet Marketing πŸ’‘

Before hitting the launch button, it's crucial to build anticipation and generate excitement among your employees. Here are some creative ways to kickstart your pre-launch marketing efforts:


1. Involve Your Employees and Gather Feedback πŸ—£οΈ

Remember, these are the future users of your intranet. It's crucial to gather feedback from both stakeholders and end-users to ensure the platform aligns with their needs and expectations.


2. Intranet Name: Let Your Team Choose! πŸ€

Boost employee buy-in and excitement by empowering them. Instead of a top-down name, turn it into a company-wide competition! Encourage creative submissions and offer a tempting prize for the winning name. This fosters a sense of ownership from the get-go and generates buzz around the new platform.


3. Branding Matters: A Cohesive Intranet Experience πŸŽ¨

Your intranet should feel like an extension of your company culture. Ensure the platform reflects your brand identity by aligning all content, news updates, and communication with your brand voice and style guide. This fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among team members. Prominently displaying logos and your color scheme reinforces brand recognition throughout the intranet.


san francisko.jpg


4. Groups and Locations Setup in Advance πŸŒ

With diverse departments and global locations, setting things up beforehand saves time and frustration later. Consider these steps:

  • Department Groups: Create dedicated groups for each department, allowing for targeted communication and information sharing within teams.
  • Location-Specific Workspaces: For companies with global offices, configure different intranet workspaces to cater to the needs of each location.


Mantra frankfurt design.jpg  dubai intranet design.jpg


5. Launch Teaser Campaign πŸ–ΌοΈ

Build excitement for your intranet launch with a teaser campaign that sparks curiosity among employees. Keep your focus on the ultimate goal: your people. The intranet aims to enhance productivity and communication within your organization. Consider creative approaches like unveiling employee profiles akin to "wanted" signs, as Penn State did, to ignite interest and encourage exploration among colleagues.


 intranet launch campaign idea.png intranet launch idea.png


While posters are a classic launch technique, consider a more dynamic approach. Capture employee attention with short video snippets showcasing specific intranet features without revealing everything. This maintains a sense of mystery that piques curiosity and encourages exploration upon launch.


6. It’s the Final Countdown! β³

Picture this: the office is buzzing with excitement as the iconic tune by Europe fills the air. Everyone's eyes are glued to the timer as it counts down. The canapΓ©s are disappearing fast, party poppers at the ready, and then it begins: 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... Turn your company intranet launch into an event that brings joy and fosters networking. And don't forget the πŸ•!


Launch Day: Celebrate with Fun and Connection πŸ₯³

The countdown sets the stage for the big launch. Here are some intranet marketing strategies to effectively introduce your new platform and generate excitement:


1. Choose the Right ⏰

Timing is crucial for a successful launch. Avoid launching on a Sunday evening or during major holidays, project deadlines, or industry conferences. Let your team explore the platform without competing demands.

Consider planning the launch around an existing internal event like a company party, summer outing, team-building exercise, or a popular sporting event. This allows you to incorporate the intranet into the festivities, creating a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

Let's say the launch coincides with a major sports championship game. Decorate the break room in team colors, offer themed snacks, and host a viewing party alongside an intranet demo. You could even organize a bracket competition or trivia quiz related to the sport, using the intranet to access information and track results. This not only encourages exploration of the platform, but also creates an energetic buzz around the launch!



2. Captivate Your Audience with a Launch Video πŸŽ¬

Not everyone can be present in the office for the launch event, so ensure that everyone feels the excitement by sharing a short, dynamic introductory video! Highlight the features of the new intranet with clear visuals and demos. Showcase members of your leadership team expressing their enthusiasm and emphasizing how the platform empowers employees. Keep the tone light, informative, and leave viewers eager to explore the possibilities offered by the new intranet.



3. Implement Gamification in Your Intranet πŸŽ²

Let's face it, change can be daunting. Make onboarding your new intranet engaging with a touch of gamification!

Host a "Best Vacation Photo" or "Cutest Pet" contest using the intranet's voting features. Award an exciting prize to the winner – this friendly competition encourages exploration and participation.

  • Digital Scavenger Hunt: Design a scavenger hunt that takes users through the new platform's functionalities. This is a fun way for everyone to become familiar with the interface and discover hidden gems within the intranet.

Offer a variety of contests that cater to different skills and preferences. This ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate and get comfortable using the new platform.


πŸ† Building an Interactive and Engaging Intranet with Confluence πŸ†

Imagine your company intranet buzzing with activity, filled with fresh updates and content that truly speaks to your team. That's the dream, right? Well, with the right tools and attitude, it can be a reality!

Let's talk about Confluence – it's like the rockstar 🎡 of corporate intranets, loved by teams worldwide for its awesome features and easy-to-use interface. With Confluence, you can create an intranet that's not just functional, but fun and engaging too!

But here's the cool part: You can jazz Confluence up even more with third-party apps! 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Confluence, explore its endless possibilities, and let your intranet shine like never before.



Share your success stories and challenges below – let's inspire each other! What's your favorite intranet app for Confluence?





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Rustem Shiriiazdanov May 17, 2024

Great article! But no way intranet pages could be that appealing! It looks better than most of social networks, lol. How long does it take to set up intranet like that? I see Mantra logo at one of the screenshots. Is it all solely done with Mantra? And one last questions - any further gamification advises will follow (we're thinking about gamification of our UX, but have no idea where to start with)? 

Like β€’ # people like this
Linda Notaro May 17, 2024

This text is spot on! Absolutely agree. I think just dropping in a new tool doesn’t always do the trick. At our company, we’re using Mantra for Confluence Cloud, and I’m genuinely impressed! It’s super intuitive and user-friendly, so we needed almost no onboarding.

Like β€’ # people like this
Patricia Modispacher _appanvil_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 17, 2024

Thanks for your comment, @Rustem Shiriiazdanov !

About the gamification. I'd say: Start Simple: Don't try to gamify your entire UX at once. Choose specific areas where user engagement is low or a desired behavior needs encouragement.

And I think you should start with baby steps - and see how the users like the gamificaiton. Implement a few simple gamification elements like point systems, badges, or leaderboards, for example.

Like β€’ # people like this
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