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Keeping Track of Finance Reports on Confluence with Excel-like Tables for Confluence

With an abundance of software being available on the web nowadays, having to use multiple softwares for your company can be troublesome and hard for employees to keep track of everything. Using more than one software can lead to time being wasted and employees may get frustrated when there is an abundance of data.

With Confluence, you have the ultimate team collaboration tool that seamlessly integrates third-party apps. Confluence already has plenty features such as real time editing, commenting, notifications and more. However, Confluence does not offer spreadsheets and data visualization tools but you can integrate third-party apps.

What if you can keep everything on a Confluence page?

With Excel-like Tables for Confluence you get to have a full featured Excel-like table with charts, shapes and calculations. Having everything on one page makes everything easier and saves you time from going back and forth. Rather than using Google Sheets or Excel, you can have all the features within a single Confluence page.

Whether you want to use Excel-like Tables for Confluence to report your financial reports, business analytics, operations management, data entry, etc. there are many ways you can use Excel-like Tables for Confluence.

One Example of Using Excel-like Tables for Confluence

Imagine your presentation is coming up for your company’s financial earnings and you have an abundance of data on Excel/Google Sheets and Google Docs to show your company. It is tedious for you to switch back and forth between softwares to show your company your results. Your boss or your co-workers might want to leave a comment or two on your Google Docs but they also want to refer to some data on Excel, which makes it more difficult.

Having everything on Confluence makes it easy, you can start by copy and pasting your files from Google Docs and import your Excel documents onto Excel-like Tables for Confluence.


Having Excel-like Tables for Confluence will give you access to

  • Full-Featured Excel-like Table

  • Data Analysis with PivotTables

  • Add Charts and Images

With everything on one simple page, it is easy to tag your co-workers and notify them about what is going on in the company.



Having an Excel sheet on your Confluence page saves us time from switching between different software resulting in a potential mix of data. Having our financial reports on Excel-like Tables for Confluence makes it easy for my manager and co-workers to view my work because I can always tag them so they will be notified.

To learn more about Excel-like Tables for Confluence, visit the Atlassian Marketplace and try it out here!

Check out this short video to learn more about Excel-like Tables for Confluence - Excel-like Tables for Confluence Demo



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