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Keep tabs on deployments in real-time with these CI/CD integrations



The concept of DevOps has been around for over 15 years, where software development is in a continuous loop through six phases: Plan, Build, Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD), Monitor & Alert, Operate, and Continuous Feedback. Regardless of which phase a project is in, continuous communication and collaboration is essential across the team.

So, having the right tools in place at each phase is critical. There’s an Atlassian product (or a few) that can support each step of the development journey, but the capabilities don’t have to stop there.



Last year, we launched Atlassian Open DevOps - which includes the products above and expands to dozens of integrations with the tools you use every day, and the ones you didn’t even know you needed (but you probably do).

One of those integration categories is CI/CD, which supports your work in Jira Software and Bitbucket and gives you real-time insights into what’s being shipped and when.

Learn more about our CI/CD featured partners:


CircleCI for Jira

  • Track build, test, and deploy statuses and approve deployments in real-time

  • Create Jira tickets from the CircleCI jobs page

  • Get change requests automatically created when a deployment pipeline runs

Learn more and install the integration here.


CircleCI Continuous Integration for Bitbucket

  • Connect all of the necessary endpoints to deploy your code automatically in Bitbucket

  • Automatically create a build environment so you can start testing within minutes

Learn more and install the integration here.



Codefresh for Jira

  • Track git changes alongside corresponding Jira tickets over time

  • Within a Codefresh project, you can access a Jira deployment dashboard

  • Create Jira issues, comment, change the status, etc. in the Codefresh pipeline

Learn more and install the integration here.



Drone by Harness for Jira

  • The Drone pipeline will automatically update ticket statuses on the Jira deployment dashboard

  • Access full ticket history and status throughout the stages of development

  • In Jira, view the latest deployment status under the “Releases” field

Learn more and install the integration here.



JFrog Artifactory App for Jira

  • View builds and Jira issues and create new issues from the Artifactory dashboard

  • In Jira, view Artifactory builds and see which build has the fix for that particular Jira issue

Learn more and install the integration here.


Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy for Jira

  • See the status of releases and deployments within Jira issues with links back to Octopus for more information

  • View a release in Octopus to see what Jira issues it's related to

  • Automatically create release notes from the associated Jira issues

Learn more and install the integration here.


Some frequently asked questions about Atlassian Open DevOps

When you say Atlassian Open DevOps - is that something that lies on top of Atlassian products or is it an entirely separate tool?

Open DevOps is a bundled solution of Atlassian Cloud products – Jira, Confluence, Opsgenie, and Bitbucket – with Jira serving as the underlying platform that pulls DevOps data across the entire toolchain. With Atlassian, your DevOps toolchain isn’t limited to these four solutions. Open DevOps supports third-party integrations as well.

How do I add Open DevOps?

You can get started with Open DevOps by first integrating the Atlassian products you already have, and then adding on integrations from the Marketplace as it makes sense for you. We recommend reading the following guides to understand how to use the products better together:

What is the difference that Open DevOps brings in on top of existing products like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket?

Atlassian Open DevOps is a solution comprised of Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, and best-of-breed integrations. We offer tight integration of all of these products out-of-the-box, allowing Jira to serve as a mission control center across your entire development toolchain. In doing so, Open DevOps tackles the common, yet deep industry pain of a disjointed toolchain.

How does Bitbucket Pipelines fit into this?

Bitbucket Pipelines is an integrated CI/CD tool built into Bitbucket. Here is a demo that shows how to push a change to production with Open DevOps and Bitbucket Pipelines.

We also recommend referencing this documentation for a detailed explanation of how to deploy a sample project with Bitbucket pipelines.

How can Open DevOps help us reduce the number of errors that go into production?

Atlassian Open DevOps integrates with a variety of CI/CD, testing, and feature flagging tools. Given the array of tooling available, it is possible to craft deployment pipelines to fit any use case. Jira Software ties all of these tools together and provides easy access to the information you need through automation.

Customers have cited that having development information from the toolchain consolidated within Jira allows various departments to speak a common language and have a single source of truth, reducing overhead and management.

Is there an ability to integrate with security CI/CD tools to make it Open DevSecOps?

Yes, definitely! You can check out examples in one of our DevOps guides here.


What CI/CD tools do you use and do you have them integrated with Jira or Bitbucket? Let us know in the comments!



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