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Jira & Scrum: How to control DEV team progress in the current Sprint

Can your team do twice the work in half the time? Scrum says they can. One of its main principles is empirical process control. So, you need your processes to be transparent and monitor your progress. In this use case, we will show an easy visual way to check your team's progress during Sprint in Jira.

How many Jira issues go to Done status?

Our project manager wants a clear picture of issues in the “To Do” state at the beginning of Sprint and how many of those tasks the Dev team move to “Done” at the end of Sprint. The idea to show work completion in terms of statuses was implemented in the Chart for Dynamic status change. You may try this option with the help of Issue History for Jira add-on.

Jira status changes.png

When you open this chart, you will have a complete understanding of how your team performs tasks each day. This visual report provides you with an answer: How many issues are in each status each day?

How to configure a Chart for Dynamic status change

Open Issue History for Jira app. If you haven’t installed it, a 30-day free trial is available on Atlassian Marketplace.

  1. Switch on the chart icon.
  2. Select the required Sprint.

How would the ideal workflow look? 

The ideal situation is when all issues are in the "To Do" status on the first day. As you move forward, fewer issues should be in the initial statuses (such as "To Do," "In Progress," etc.), and more should be in the "Done" status. On the final Sprint day, try to have every issue marked as "Done."

status changes chart jira.png

⬇️ The number of tasks in the ToDo status should constantly decrease.

⬆️ The number of tasks in Done status should increase.

Ideal Sprint Performance

Chart for status changes.png

Unsatisfactory Sprint Performance

image (27).png

Here you can see all tasks were not completed (transferred from the previous Sprint).

The best thing here is that you can review how your developers progress each day, find the blockers in their work and adjust your team efforts to improve performance. 

Try to improve your workflow with insights from the Chart for Dynamic status change. 

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