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Jira Work Management for Marketing Team: How to set email campaign

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Collect data. Analyze competitors. Track trends. Create content. Manage campaigns. What’s on the schedule today? There are dozens of other activities which marketing teams or managers are completing. You can break each of these tasks down into smaller ones. It can be overwhelming to plan and accomplish everything without a good software assistant. Jira Work Management does the job here. It can be much easier to organize work with templates Jira offers for business projects. 

You will find business projects when choosing to Create Project option in the Project menu. There are a lot of ready-to-use templates for HR, sales, finance, legal, design teams. On the screen below, you can see what is available for the marketing department. In this article, we’ll cover an email campaign.


How creating a Jira business project helps

Working with Jira Work Management and its templates simplify the organizing of processes in several ways:

  • Saving time for workflow planning
  • Better team collaboration
  • Customization according to your processes
  • Monitoring progress and auditing teamwork

Setting Jira workflow for email campaign

Why add a separate template for emailing? An email campaign may sound simple as throwing a newspaper into the mailbox. But marketing managers know it’s a little more complicated. 

The welcoming, announcement, product updates, holiday, educational, newsletters – that’s not even half of email campaign types. Each of them consists of consequent steps to follow for success. So Jira gives you a scheme where a lot of stuff is provided and organised.

Jira Work Management business project comes with simple views such as list, board, calendar, timeline, and form. There are 3 issue types for email marketing: Asset, Task, Subtask. 

How to start

Consider what type of email you’re sending. Let’s take a welcome email as an example. 

1. Create a list of tasks required to take for your email campaign. You can choose asset or task issue type for the main items.

2. Divide tasks into smaller subtasks for every piece of work that needs to be done.

2021-11-16_13-26-47.png3. Assign each task and subtask to a relevant person.

4. Add priorities (from lowest to highest) and due dates to do everything on time.


5. When each task is done and approved, your email is ready to launch.

Customize your process

Jira Work Management for email marketing includes 7 different statuses for tasks:  

  • QA

You can modify this workflow to include extra steps or remove ones, depending on how you handle content in your company. For example, you can remove QA or Testing. Read more here.

If you want to use the same project tasks for several campaigns, you can clone them. That’s how you avoid creating a bunch of the same tasks each time. Also, you can add specific labels to each open task to classify your emails. This will make it much easier for you to search for the tasks. 

Another tool, you can consider for optimizing and automating your recurring processes is the Bussiness Process Manager add-on. 

Monitor the progress of teamwork

Would you like to know if the campaign’s deadlines were met or which team members had worked on some tasks? 

From planning to launch, keep track of each action and asset in your email campaign. How was your team dealing with employing a new template for work?

If you’d like to audit your progress for every task and step, you can look for historical changes. With the Issue History add-on, you can monitor what updates were made to the list of tasks, when and by which user. You’ll have a good idea of what can be improved for the next campaign.


Additionally, you can save deleted issues. It happens sometimes – you can remove some task by accident. After activating the Keep deleted issues option, you’ll have something like a trash bin where every item will be stored.



Jira Work Management offers new ways for optimizing work. You can get things done faster with ready templates which can be customized according to your needs. Have you tried some business projects for your team? Share your experience with Community members.




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