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Jira Timeline: Streamline Your Project Management Process with ActivityTimeline

In the fast-paced world of project management, meeting deadlines and efficiently tracking progress are paramount. With the help of timeline planning teams can achieve seamless collaboration, improved communication, and increased productivity.

By employing timeline visualization, team members can obtain a complete understanding of the project's advancement and pinpoint possible obstacles or setbacks.

Jira Timeline Planning

The timeline planning feature in Jira allows teams to visualize project schedules with a timeline chart displaying project issues:


This can be accomplished by modifying the time scale and implementing filters, allowing for a customized display of relevant information.

The “Advanced Roadmaps” tool, provided by Atlassian and available for Jira Premium users & Jira Data Center users is also very popular as it is a powerful project management and planning add-on that enables teams to efficiently plan and track their work within the Jira ecosystem. The tool is designed to provide teams with a comprehensive, high-level view of their projects, helping them align their strategies, resources, and timelines effectively.

There are many other Jira add-ons that help to advance your timeline planning in Jira, such as ActivityTimeline.

Timeline Planning with ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline provides a range of timeline views that greatly support resource planning and tracking within Jira.

Resource planning timelines focus on effectively allocating and utilizing resources during a project. These timelines are valuable tools for project managers as they allow for clear visualization of resource availability, identification of potential resource gaps or conflicts, and enable efficient resource allocation.

Within ActivityTimeline, you can access planning timelines through a comprehensive Planning Dashboard. This dashboard features User/Team Timelines and a list of Jira projects containing all associated tasks. It offers the flexibility to switch between different teams and modify the planning scope according to specific requirements. Moreover, the seamless synchronization between ActivityTimeline and Jira ensures that any updates made on either platform are automatically reflected in the other, promoting real-time data consistency.


The dashboard operates on a straightforward drag-and-drop concept. Simply select the required task and place it on the user timeline. Each user is equipped with special Workload Indicators, displayed in different colors to indicate their workload status. The colors include yellow for underloaded, red for overloaded, and green for a balanced workload. When a task is scheduled, the workload indicators are automatically updated.


Furthermore, it is also possible to divide issues among multiple assignees.

Assign task to multiple issues.gif

Another impressive functionality is the ability for users to log their worked hours directly from the dashboard, leading to significant time-saving benefits.


Additionally, ActivityTimeline offers internal custom events such as vacations, days-off and sick leaves, and more, which are not present in Jira. These custom events prove to be highly beneficial for holiday management and workload planning purposes.


ActivityTimeline not only includes user timelines but also incorporates a dedicated Team Panel featuring team timelines. This unique feature caters to high-level planning and visibility needs for teams, emphasizing collective resources rather than individual ones.

When dealing with workflows across multiple teams simultaneously, this functionality proves exceptionally valuable. It presents a user-friendly and effective solution for long-term planning, enabling users to select various scopes, such as months or quarters, based on their specific requirements. Additionally, workload indicators for individual teams are readily accessible within the Team Panel.


The Team mode proves to be a superb option for long-term planning, whether at the departmental level or for the entire company. It facilitates the scheduling of big issues, such as Epics or Program Increments, for the entire team without the necessity to assign them to individual resources. This mode simplifies resource allocation and planning for managers, providing a more efficient and streamlined approach.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to decide whether they prefer to view only the team timelines or opt for a combined view that includes both the team and individual users.


The application includes the Milestones panel, designed to ensure that you stay informed and don't overlook critical events.


Individual Timeline Planning in ActivityTimeline

Personal Timeline Planning with ActivityTimeline involves individuals managing their tasks, deadlines, and priorities. These timelines are instrumental in organizing personal workload and keeping track of progress. They contribute to increased productivity and efficient time management and help in fulfilling responsibilities promptly.

ActivityTimeline goes a step further by providing a dedicated Personal workspace for each employee. This personalized space offers a comprehensive visualization of an individual's work, tailoring it to suit each user's specific needs with the assistance of a personal timeline. Team members gain a clear overview of their tasks, projects, and personal calendar, all neatly displayed within this module. The visualization charts also depict workload and availability for the chosen timeframe.


Timesheet Timeline Tracking

Timesheet timelines serve the purpose of monitoring and documenting the actual time invested in particular tasks or projects. These timelines play a crucial role in capturing work hours, managing billable hours, and generating precise reports necessary for invoicing or payroll processes. By utilizing timesheet timelines, transparency, and accountability are fostered in tracking work efforts, ensuring the accurate recording of time allocated to various activities.

ActivityTimeline offers timesheet timelines for precise time tracking. Users can effectively utilize these timelines to monitor and document the time devoted to specific tasks and projects. These timesheets also consider non-working days, such as sick leaves, day-offs, and holidays, to ensure that reporting is comprehensive and precise. Additionally, the option to export timesheets as Excel files adds convenience and compatibility to the process.

The user-friendly nature of ActivityTimeline, combined with its intuitive interface and customizable parameters, simplifies the generation of timeline timesheet reports. Users can easily define their preferred settings and effortlessly generate detailed reports as needed.


Reporting Timelines

Reports play a crucial role in predicting and estimating future project milestones, deliverables, and resource requirements. These reporting timelines are built upon historical data, project progress, and various other relevant factors to project future timelines accurately. By leveraging forecasting timelines, teams can anticipate project outcomes, identify potential risks, and make proactive decisions to ensure successful project delivery.


The application offers an extensive range of forecasting reports, empowering users to generate comprehensive insights that encompass team performance, resource utilization, project progress, and task completion. These reports provide valuable information to identify instances of resource overutilization or underutilization, enabling informed adjustments to be made for optimal project management.


Presenting tasks and milestones in a timeline format through visual representation improves clarity and comprehension, leading to more informed decision-making and timely project completion.

Check out our Blog to get more useful resource planning tips.



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