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Jira Recurring Tasks: Create and Repeat automatically

According to our usage statistics, Recurring Checklists and Report add-on has become one of our most useful tools since its launch. 88% of users in a recent Recurring Checklists and Report survey said the feature helps them be more productive. And it's understandable why: including tasks in your workflows makes getting things done simpler than ever. As a result, you're not only remembering what's necessary but also doing it.


Jira periodic tasks are repeated regularly, such as remembering to check a work log or writing status updates. Even if Recurring Checklists and Report is a big help in keeping track of these things, it still takes work to ensure you set up a new task each time the cycle repeats.

You can save time and mental energy by setting up a job to recur; whenever you complete it, the task's due date automatically changes to the following time you need to complete it.

How to control repetitive issues?

When we are talking about automation, the best way to simplify workflow is to use apps. One of such app is Recurring Checklists and Reports. It allows you to schedule the automatic creation of Jira recurring tasks daily, monthly, or annually. You can also specify the number of repetitions for each task with a checklist. You can select the Project and Assignees when a customized Checklist has been made and completed with the essential information.


How are Checklists displayed in the issue?

As created checklists are added automatically to the issue, you can monitor them directly in the Report Panel. Here’s how your checklists will be presented in the issue:


It's very convenient because all details you have entered in the Jira checklists display in a single place. You will have access to them without any additional effort.

If you want to manually add a checklist to a current issue and create a recurring Jira task, you can learn how to do that in the documentation. Recurring Checklists and Report allows tracking the progress in the Report tab, even if one checklist has been assigned to several assignees. image.png


Why is it essential to track the process? The answer is - decisions are made faster. You can immediately identify the weak points in the process with the automation for Jira recurring tasks. It is challenging to track what the assignee actually has done, and checklists help to see exactly which items in the task have been completed and how successfully. 

Don’t hesitate to make your workflow more automated with helpful add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can try the Recurring Checklists and Report add-on and assure how helpful it is. Please, share your experience with us. 



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