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Jira Dark Mode Launched! Explore the Night Theme in ActivityTimeline

Lots of Jira users are very excited about the fact that Jira has now joined the trend of dark mode!

In recent years, an increasing number of people have embraced the stylish dark theme for their digital environments. As night mode capabilities have become more widespread, users have been able to enjoy the unique aesthetics of dark themes, as well as the adjustable color palettes that come with them.

Who Switched off the Lights?!

Before, the only way to get a dark mode for Jira was through a browser extension. It is a great improvement for Jira that dark mode is now integrated, as this allows users to switch between a light and dark color scheme, which can have a positive impact on their user experience and help reduce eye fatigue.

2698d87c-baed-4b94-8c59-81c1888611bd (1).png

The Dark Scheme gives users the option to personalize their workspace to create a soothing, low-light environment:

ccb4ef8f-3737-4aa3-987a-fbf368e592a3 (1).png

In dark mode, the primary interface shifts from light gray to a sleek black while most of the text changes to a bright white. Many of the navigational elements and icons become easier to identify, helping users navigate the page quickly. For those who want an even more efficient workspace, the dark mode can help conserve battery life by limiting the amount of brightness emitted from the display, enabling users to work longer and more comfortably.

How to Enable the Dark Theme in Jira?

Enabling Jira dark mode is a breeze! Users can effortlessly switch between different color palettes by following these simple steps in their "Settings" menu:

  1. Sign in to your Jira account.

  2. Go to the "My Account" section.

  3. Locate the "Theme" option and activate Jira dark mode.

6367de81-535d-474b-a7da-8e440db9ee7d (1).png

Enjoy the soothing and stylish interface of Jira's dark mode!

b1c3ad42-a5f4-4575-a43d-4a37c706ddbf (1).png

After completing these steps, you'll witness a remarkable transformation of the entire user interface into the captivating Jira dark mode. But don't worry, you have complete control over your visual experience! Jira offers four fantastic theme options for your computer screen: Light Mode, Dark Mode, Original Mode, and Match System.

In case you want to disable Jira dark mode, simply revisit the same section and choose the delightful "Light Mode" option or any other preference that suits your style.

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to customize your Jira experience according to your preferences!

Dark Mode in ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline team always follows trends, and the night mode is not an exception!

b4c8624a-0898-4024-9097-9389092e742f (2).png

Immerse yourself in the visually appealing Planning Dashboard view with the delightful dark mode applied. Witness all your projects, tasks, and user timelines showcasing ongoing and future activities in a captivating manner. The diverse color palette, presented in a sleek night eye style, ensures you can easily grasp every essential detail.

To embrace this immersive experience, simply make a quick switch from the default Light theme to the enchanting Dark mode. Visit the "My Account" configuration page, and you'll find the option to transform the ActivityTimeline interface:

1. Find the drop-down menu in the up-left corner and click on “My Account”

3c281f9c-6055-4f03-9cb0-1fadd7b26d8e (1).png

2. On the “My Account” page you will find three options:

  • Light Mode

  • Dark Mode

  • and Auto Mode, which will automatically switch your mode in the app to a dark or light one, depending on the theme of your Jira Cloud.

a3a067df-ed7e-4698-814c-0483a9fae96b (1).png

3. Experience an instant transformation by simply clicking on the friendly "Dark Mode" button. Watch as the new theme takes effect immediately, enveloping your screen with a captivating aesthetic. The Dark Theme will be applied to all ActivityTimeline views, namely the Planning Dashboard:

b4c8624a-0898-4024-9097-9389092e742f (3).png

Personal Workspace for Employees:

642e561e-4a0a-4793-baee-a21f0a18ff22 (1).png

Timesheet Module:

image-20230630-072628 (1).png

And Reporting Section:

0c44d697-5ff3-4af0-8cae-61485ba98c91 (1).png

Hope that you enjoy the new dark palette in your Jira and ActivityTimeline as we do! Stay tuned for new Jira updates!



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Nathan Scott November 7, 2023

Hello, how does one acquire this setting? We're running JIRA Datacenter. If applicable what version is this in?
Thank you.

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Shari Barchus November 21, 2023

Hi Team,

Love the theme but not able to use it with current 'bug'?

When theme is set to Dark mode in Jira cloud, text that has been entered into the Jira issue in BOLD is 'invisible' - you don't see it at all.  I first started noticing this when working as an agent in JSM requests, thinking our customers were forgetting to include important data in their requests.  Turns out, you can only see the actual text in the Light mode (or the Match Browser mode if you have a light theme in Chrome)

Hoping you can fix :)

Happy Holidays!

AUG Leaders

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