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Issue history for Jira: Innovative layout with highlights and filters

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Hello, community fellows! Have you ever wished to play with data you have in the history section of the issue? Build your own small report of changes made to any task. Our SaaSJet team has implemented this feature within Issue History for Jira for those who want to organize a history layout in their own way. It’s an additional instrument to examine the changelog for a single issue. Let’s take a fresh look at the issue history.

Relevant changelog structure

All changes are presented one by one in vertical order. There are different columns for dates, updaters, fields where you want to see changes, and changes themselves. 

issue history panel view.png

Flexible field selection

Select any issue fields for which you want to see changes. You can include one, two, or any amount of fields, including custom ones. It’s very convenient if you want to review updates only for specific fields, for instance, summary, status, description, etc. 

It works instead of JQL when you say: Show me changes made for summary.

summary changes in jira.png

Eye-catching highlighting for issue changes

Our main report for the list of issues presents all changes in an attractive Confluence style highlights. So, we use the same style for single-issue history. Red and strikethrough - for the past value, and green - for the value it had at that moment in time.

Free 30-day trial

How does it work?

  1. Open the necessary issue.
  2. Scroll down to access the Activity section.
  3. Choose Issue History
  4. Choose any field/fields (custom or standard) where you want to see changes using the Field filter.


What is coming soon?

We are also planning to add a date picker, updater selector, and export to XLSX, and CSV soon. If you have any ideas on what will make issue history more insightful for you, please let us know in the comments below.

What to do if you need to get changes for not only one issue but for the whole project or updater?

In this case, you’d better visit the main dashboard of the Issue History for Jira add-on from any issue (click the Go to add-on button) 

issue history go to main page.png

A bunch of filters can organize changes by time frame, project, updater, filter, sprint, JQL, etc. 

History for all issues.png

The export option is available for the main dashboard of changes. 

To sum up

Issue History for Jira is an app that works like a diary for all past user activities. Its main report includes a full changelog for any list of issues. The add-on is highly customizable, and you can build the report depending on your requirements. It answers the questions of what changes were made, when, and by whom. 

IH 5.pngNow, we added this functionality for a single issue, too. So, you can make the most out of the app by analyzing the change history for the list of tasks in general and each ticket separately.



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