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Introducing conditional formatting in JXL - Make your issues and fields stand out

Hello community!

Today we'd like to tell you more about the latest big feature we released in JXL for Jira. On popular demand, we have crafted an awesome conditional cell and row formatting feature, just like you’re used to from the likes of ExcelGoogle SheetsSmartsheet or Airtable.

Table cells and rows can be configured to change format if your issues’ field values or other data meet specified conditions. For example, if they contain a particular word or phrase, or fit within a particular number, time or date range.



Sheet with some conditional formatting rules enabled


This is very helpful if you need to automatically visually emphasise particular issues or groupings of issues to yourself or your team, for example based on their urgency, priority, severity, or whatever other criteria might be relevant in your use case. Or maybe you just like to colour-code your work or call out individual issues or issue types. Conditional formatting is here to help.

A conditional format in a JXL sheet consists of a condition, a format (who would have thought?), and at least one rule to apply. To get started, you choose a field to test in the condition. Depending on the type of field, there are various types of conditions available:

Text – Matches text strings
Numbers – Matches number ranges
Times – Matches time ranges
Dates – Matches date or datetime ranges
Regular expressions – Matches regular expression patterns (Coming soon)
JXLQL – Matches an advanced search query (Coming soon)

You can also decide whether you want to target the whole table row or a specific column, and choose between various types of formats as well:

Colours – Cell or row background colour is changed
Symbols – Field value is masked with a symbol (Coming soon)
Data bars – Cell background is horizontally filled 0-100 % (Coming soon)



Creating and editing conditional formats


You can find more detailed documentation of the feature here.

As usual, all this is available in JXL for Jira Cloud and JXL for Jira Data Center and Server, and in Cloud for both company-managed and team-managed projects. So if you haven’t already, take the ultimate issue editor and organiser for a free test drive for a month. Chances are you’ll never want to go back. Secure your free trial here on the Atlassian Marketplace.

I hope this was a useful announcement (if so, you may want to follow our blog or subscribe to our newsletter as well). If anyone has any questions, please get in touch or comment. We’d love to hear from you. Stay safe. ✌️

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Rajesh Ramankutty August 7, 2022

All the Best Team

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