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Improving support processes in Jira

The tech support team is like demigods with many hands. They must be multitasking, responsible, and always in a good mood. These heroes are the official face of your company to many customers.

The support team works with almost all departments of the company. And, of course, their workflows need to be optimized.

Recently, the SaaSJet team released the Issue Creator for Jira Cloud app. It's like a Swiss knife, optimized with many tools that make life much easier in many typical workflows.

Here we explained a little bit about how to use it to improve the test management process and create ideas in Jira Product Discovery.

So, now we will try to cover using Issue Creator in the Support department. Here we go!

giphy (22).gif

The new experience in optimizing support processes

There seems to be a lot of advice on the work of support departments. And what else can you think of? But there is no limit to perfection. We want to present you with a new product that will help you reach a new level of quality. And immediately describe the use cases when the Chrome Issue Creator for Jira Cloud extension will be helpful.

 ✅ Bug Reporting with Visual Context: When a customer reports a bug or issue with your software, you can use the app to capture screenshots or record videos of the problem directly from their reported webpage. Annotate the screenshot to highlight the specific issue area, and then create a Jira issue with all the visual context attached. This allows developers to understand the problem better and speeds up the troubleshooting process.


✅ Customer Training and Support: You can use the app's screen recording feature to create tutorials and walkthroughs when providing customer support or training. These recordings can be attached to Jira issues, helping customers understand how to use your product effectively or troubleshoot common problems.


✅ Documentation and Knowledge Base: As you encounter frequently asked questions or joint issues, you can use the app to capture screenshots or screen recordings demonstrating the solutions. Create Jira issues with the visual content and link them to your internal documentation or customer-facing knowledge base articles.



✅ User Interface Feedback: If customers or internal users provide feedback about your software's user interface (UI), you can use the app to capture the UI elements. Annotate the screenshots to explain the suggested changes or improvements, and create Jira issues to pass these insights to the design and development teams. 

✅ User Experience (UX) Testing: The app's capabilities can be handy if you're involved in UX testing or quality assurance. You can document UX issues, inconsistencies, or design flaws by capturing screenshots or recording videos of the problematic interactions. 


✅ Cross-Team Collaboration: When you need to collaborate with the development or design teams, the app lets you capture visual feedback directly from the webpage where the issue occurs. This eliminates the need for lengthy descriptions and misunderstandings, as the visual context is crystal clear. 

✅ Remote Team Collaboration: If you're part of a remote support team, the app can be a valuable tool to ensure effective communication. Capture and share visual feedback with your remote colleagues, allowing everyone to be on the same page regardless of location. 

✅ Internal Process Improvement: As you identify areas within your support process needing improvement, you can use the app to capture and annotate screenshots highlighting the pain points. This visual feedback can initiate discussions about optimizing your support workflow.



In all these use cases, the app's ability to capture screenshots, annotate visual elements, record videos, and seamlessly integrate with Jira Cloud enhances your support team's efficiency, communication, and collaboration, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and issue resolution.

Here's a 30-day trial for you - test it, get to know the product, and optimize your support processes to the best of your ability!

We are waiting for you in the SaaSJet team!




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