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How to perform automated backup of Jira Cloud site

ELFAPP Technologies May 21, 2024

Getting a regular backup of your Jira Cloud site might have proven to be a complicated issue. Over the years Atlassian has made it easier to backup your site by introducing APIs such as the BRIE APIs to help administrators and organizations to backup and restore their data. However, if you’re still finding it difficult to back up your Jira Cloud site, there’s also a solution that will make it even more seamless and that’s where the Backup Projects for Jira comes in. Below are the steps required to ensure a regular backup of your Jira Cloud site.

Step 1:

  • Configure your preference by navigating to the Settings page of the left menu pane, find the “XML backup options” label and alter the options based on your requirements. The app provides 3 options to configure and automate your Jira Cloud backup.

    • Enabled
    • Enabled with attachment
    • Disabled



  • The enabled option allows a Jira Cloud backup based on a default “daily” interval. You can change this based on the provided options

  • There’s no attachment added to the backed-up data.

    • Each time you alter this option, it uses the current date and time to schedule the next interval.

  • The disabled option prevents any Jira Cloud backup from taking place.


  • The enabled with attachments option allows a Jira Cloud backup with attachment data.

    • The attachments can only be generated once every 48 hours. Therefore, there’s no daily option available

      • Each time you alter this option, it uses the current date and time for the next interval.


Step 2:

  • Navigate to the “Backup catalogue” page of the left menu pane and see a list of your Jira Cloud backup data with a direct link to download the backup data. On this page, you can see the list of your backed-up files and download them at your convenience.


With the above, you can automate your Jira Cloud backup daily without attachments and at every 2-day intervals with attachment options. This way, you are certain that your Cloud data is backed up. You can also revisit previous backup data using the “Backup catalogue” which gives a history of every backed-up file by its name, size and timestamp. You can routinely, restore the data on your Jira Cloud site based on a specific date or timeline. If you want to be project-specific, please generate an automated schedule to back up exact projects on your Jira Cloud site.

Download the app today by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace to start your trial. Explore all the features and possibilities of securing your project backups.



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