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How to get the average time spent with Jira gadgets?

Have you ever thought, how long does it take your team, on average, to complete the project? Or how long does it typically take an assignee to solve a Jira task? It’s a widespread problem when some bottlenecks or delays in the workflow process occur. So, monitoring how long each team member takes to complete the Jira issue and fix the existing problems is necessary. 

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Let's determine what typical metrics you can use to calculate Jira average time for such an aim.

You can find numerous tools for tracking average data on the dashboard in Jira's built-in functionality. First, select "Add gadget" on the Jira dashboard menu.

Average Age Chart 

This bar chart in Time in Status for Jira Cloud shows the typical amount of days that issues have been unresolved. It will be helpful if you need to see a broad picture for a specific project or filter. Starting today, the number of days you select is used to construct the list of issues. 

How to configure it?

  1. Select the project or filter you need,
  2. Choose a period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly),
  3. Choose interval for refreshing data (never or every 15 minutes 60 min)

As a result, you’ve got a graph like on the screen below:

TIS 1.png

You get the average time by dividing the total time by the total number of issues recorded per a  chosen period.

Average Time in Status gadget 

This chart displays the average time spent in selected status for all resolved issues per particular period.

How to configure

  1. Choose the report type,
  2. Select a necessary project or filter,
  3. Choose the table view,
  4. Select the required date ranges and calendar for reporting,
  5. Choose an interval for refreshing data.

TIS 2.1.png

TIS 2.2.png

The gadget displays only time in status for completed issues. When the chart returns issues that haven’t been in the resolved statuses, users experience a problem with inaccurate results. Read more here.

Average time spent with Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Our SaaSJet team has created the add-on called Time in Status for Jira Cloud to improve Jira Cloud's ability to provide quick orientation for time reports and help improve team efficiency fast and easy.

 It works for Jira classic and next-gen projects. 

You can filter the average time in status for project, assignee, sprint, etc. 

The average cycle and lead time configuration perform in a few clicks.

All of the reports can be displayed on the Jira dashboard as gadgets.

The ability to export reports is available too.

What is the average time in status by sprint?

This report displays the average time spent in a particular status per each day of the chosen sprint. If you select another filter, for example, a project, epic, or label, you can set any date range you need. 

TIS 3.png

The ability to display this report as a chart allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of the average time in Jira status.

 TIS 4.png

What is the average time spent by the assignee?

How long does it take each team member to finish a job or project? You can discover out with this report. Any dates you choose for the time reporting period are acceptable. So you can easily monitor who is responsible for some delays in the workflow process.

TIS 5.png

What is the average cycle time?

Average cycle time calculates the time an issue is marked as “in progress”. For example, depending on your workflow, it may include “in progress” and “testing” statuses. Check the article with a pizza example to discover more details about the cycle and lead time.

TIS 6.png

Also, you can get an average cycle and lead time using the status group option. You just need to create a status group and choose the necessary statuses.

 TIS 7.png

Getting the Jira average time with Time in Status for Jira Cloud is the easiest you could ever find. Try it on the Atlassian Marketplace or book a demo and ensure. 

What tools do you use to find the resolution time for your team? Do you track the Jira Average time spent or only Jira time in status? You can share any solutions on the average time spent to make the most of Jira's advantages. Don’t hesitate to try the ones described in the article and make the workflow process more convenient and automated. If you have some doubts, please, ask questions in the comment, and I’ll help you.

P.S. Another helpful app in your piggy bank is Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud. It will definitely become your indispensable assistant in Managing Jira Workflow. After all, it will help to keep high-quality and transparent records of finances in your company - from calculating salaries to analyzing the costs of every microparticle of your projects. Here is a 30-day trial for you to check if the app is good for you!



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