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How to deal with micromanaging

A great alternative to micromanagement is documenting your workflows

How to avoid micromanaging and organize effective process management in Jira.png

The bigger the business is, the sharper is the need to organize and manage all stages of working processes successfully. Unfortunately, many business owners or managers make the same mistake, trying to control everything on their own, and very often fail. In the modern world, with so many apps and programs, there is no longer a need to waste time monitoring all the trifles.

One of such alternatives to ineffective and time-consuming micromanaging is work management software and Business Process Manager add-on in particular. Let’s have a closer look at how these tools can help you organize and manage your working processes more effectively.

Business Process Manager for Jira Add-on - Effective Alternative to Micromanagement

The business process manager for Jira (BPM) may become your irreplaceable assistant in simplifying and improving your workflow.

process template preview.png

This add-on, elaborated specifically for the needs of business companies, allows:

  • creating and automizing templates (you can choose among one of the prepared solutions or create a customized one) for all one-time or repetitive processes, 
  • eliminating the need for you to create the same tasks all the time.

How will BPM for Jira benefit you in documenting your business processes?


  Create own or use typical templates

You can choose the in-build or create customized multiple templates for every project or working process (let’s say, development, finance, HR, QA, marketing, and so on).

select process template or create new.png


  Multiple steps inside each template

In each of the created templates, you can add multiple issues related to the chosen process template to have overall control.


  Customize each step

You can select project, issues type, assignee (a person or group, add a description, attach files, and other essential information related to the issue to be kept in one place easy to access and review at any time.

use form builder to create forms.png


 Add approval step

A useful function is the approval workflow for the Jira`s tasks that need to be checked and approved. Except for the assignee, you can appoint a person or even a group of people to approve the completed task. If your template includes several tasks, which are interrelated and the following one is impossible without the completed and approved previous, it will not even appear on the dashboard until the previous is done and approved. When opening “Processes”, you may always check what stage is each of the tasks: “to do”, “in progress”, “done”, “in review”, “approved”, or “rejected”. Here you may also check the due dates of the projects.

select approvers.png


Set up dynamic or exact Due Date

dynamic due date.png


Set up template restrictions

You can limit the rights to view and edit the template for individuals or groups of users.

If you create a workflow in Jira with the help of a Business Process Manager, the process of setting up, completing, and approving tasks becomes easier, faster, and more effective. All people that are related to the particular project will have full access to the required materials and needed information, so there will no longer be lost files, missed stages, disinformation, and long conversations in working messengers. You, as a manager, will have full control over each stage of the process in a few clicks


Set Up Scheduling with BPM Add-on for JIRA

When using JIRA, repeating tasks don’t have to be set up every time when there is a function of automation, which saves the managers plenty of time. Simplified workflow allows you to set up an automatic launching of separate issues which repeat regularly.

Whether you need the issue to repeat every Monday, every two weeks, every 3rd of each new month, or once every year, you can choose and schedule the date, time, and frequency for Business Process Manager and every time the software will generate new tasks by itself.

It is easy, comfortable, and time-saving!


To Sum Up

The opinion of thousands of managers who have chosen BPM for organizing and documenting their workflows is that micromanagement isn’t worth the hassle it creates. Using Business Process Manager simplified workflow saves lots of time. It allows managers to concentrate on large-scale tasks without losing general control on various stages of the project development. At the same time, you are able to react and correct the mistakes or problems that occur n-time and maintain good professional relationships with the subordinates.

So, what do you choose: micromanage or create an effective working environment?

P.S. Another important point in micromanagement is the calculation of the cost of projects and their main components - the cost of one delivery, sprint, etc. It is impossible to create a quality and profitable product without understanding the cost. Also, in the future, it provides insight and a basis for forecasting and planning budgets for future ideas. We at the SaaSJet team faced such challenges and developed the Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud addon. In addition to cost tracking, it also provides the ability to keep track of expenses - one-time and recurring. Try it and make sure that financial management is easy and simple. Here is a 30-day trial for you to check if the app is good for you!




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Dirk Ronsmans
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
December 21, 2021

I truly feel that this is a feature set that is missing from Jira out of the box for JSM projects.

With the addition of ProForma forms to Jira Cloud are you considering integrating these forms in to the BPM app?

Julia Shcherbyna _SaaSJet_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
December 22, 2021

Hi @Dirk Ronsmans thanks for your question! ProForma forms are no longer available for Jira Cloud since it's already under Atlassian, so they will integrate it into Jira somehow.

The difference between BPM and forms you've mentioned, that we build the Process Template that can start automatically based on some triggers with a number of important functionality like Approval, Dynamic due date, etc.

The forms allow users to create a template and add it to Jira issues.

So, both are useful but a bit of a different approach.

Check the Online Demo here to understand better.



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