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How to create a customized clone with mapping of Jira fields between the issues

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Ever wanted to clone an issue, but then realized you had to clear the time tracking field, maybe some labels, and if you clone it to a new project perhaps go and create a new component? :sleeping:  What a drag, not to mention an inefficient use of time for your Jira users.

With Elements Copy & Sync, you can easily create customized clones. To reduce the manual work required when cloning issues, Elements Copy & Sync no code field mapping options allows you to decide with each recipe which fields will be copied, which will be cleared, and which will be changed.



How to create a mapping of Jira fields between two issues

In this example, we will copy an issue with the key SUP-1.

Let’s see how to configure your recipe so that all fields are copied except labels, and the "Reporter" field from SUP-1 is copied to the "Assignee" field of the copied issue.

Step 1

Create a recipe called "Escalate ticket



Step 2

Continue to the Content step, and activate the toggle for “Set and synchronize fields”. Then under the “Fields Mapping options” click on the 3 dots to add all available fields.



To remove labels so they are cleared on the cloned issue, click through the screens of fields and remove Labels.




To copy the the Reporter from SUP-1 to the Assignee field of the new issue, find the Assignee target field, and select ‘Reporter’ to be copied from the source issue.




⚠️ Not all fields can be mapped to every other field. The list of authorized mapping can be found in the Content setting documentation page.


💡 Optional: for each field you can decide if you want to synchronize changes from the original source issue to the new copy.



💡 Also optional: copy comments and attachments from the source issue to the new copy.



Step 3

Save and active the recipe



Step 4

Open the issue to copy (SUP-1), and trigger the recipe



:clap: Congratulations, you’ve just created a customized clone with fields mapped between two issues with Elements Copy & Sync.


Want to go further?

Learn how to set conditions for source issues or target projects, how to add a recipe as a post-function to a workflow transition, or how to add a recipe shortcut to the issue action menu.



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