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How to count your resources right?

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Usually, there are two types of projects. In the first one, we have set time frames but can’t say for sure what the issues are. In the second one, we know what exactly we have to do, but it’s difficult to say what time it takes. But for both cases, we need an accurate counting of how much time we’ve spent on the issues.

Our app Teamlead: Epic Time for Jira Cloud takes under control the time you work hard under the issues within the epic. It counts every minute you spend.

Our clients know that the Epic Time app was created to count the time for the first type of project when you know the epic time. But now it can do both.

So how does Epic Time Cloud work inside a project?

For example, you do tech support within 50 hours. Your client can expend this time on any tasks according to your contract, but you don’t know them in advance. So, using the Epic Time app, you create an Epic issue with your client’s name (or any other name you like). When you’ve got a request from the client, create tasks and subtasks you need inside the epic. The time spent on these tasks and subtasks sums and deducted from those total 50 hours set for the Epic Issue. So, the app counts every work and automatically shows the remaining time for the Epic. Moreover, the epic has colorful hints, so it’s easy for you to see the hours you’ve spent. At the same time, your clients have the whole picture and can buy some extra hours if they notice the time is not enough.
This type of time calculation is good for consulting businesses like tech support, T&M software development, and so on.

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The second strategy is useful for software companies that develop custom products like apps. Sometimes working hours in the plan may not be the actual time spent on the work. And Epic Time Cloud can help to have the time frames under control.
Using epic issues for your projects in Jira, you can calculate a time limit and plan the necessary work. Count all the tasks and subtasks needed to achieve your epic and set an average time to finish the activity.
Epic Time Cloud helps you to track the hours. It shows whether you are within the time limit or not for epic issues and tasks. At the end of epic, the app shows the ratio between estimated and spent time for the Epic issue.

The app’s settings are flexible, so you can use different types of time counting for different purposes. We use the first distributive type for client support issues and the second cumulative type when we plan updates for our apps.
Regardless of the type you use, the app automatically informs about the epic remaining time. A variety of reports provide you with data about time results for all epic issues you have. It can be in which the time is were solved in time. You can also see the time spent on any task and subtask within an epic issue.

To feel all the benefits of using Teamlead: Epic Time for Jira Cloud for your activity, try the 30-day free trial on Atlassian Marketplace. The app is free for up to 10 users. 

If you have any questions about Teamlead: EpicTime for Jira Cloud, feel free to contact us.



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